All around the world, people wonder what a post-COVID 19 future might look like. Since the rise of the COVID 19 pandemic, a series of layoffs have literally gotten many people scrambling for any source of income. The marijuana industry suffered the same fate, with thousands of works in marijuana farms to cannabis dispensaries having been let go.

With most industries struggling due to COVID 19, the industry of medical marijuana remains optimistic. The federal government deemed medical marijuana as among essential services or businesses that could stay open and functioning amidst this deadly pandemic. Given this, many medical marijuana dispensaries have remained open.

The only problem that is rising is that most of the value chains of medicinal marijuana have been closed. This has resulted in shortages of weeds in some dispensaries. For consumers of medical marijuana, it is advisable to check out the list of the best weed strains. This way, you can find an alternative strain in case your local dispensary has run out of your preferred ones. Understanding these seeds is imperative at this very time.

Indeed, the COVID 19 pandemic has drastically affected the world we are living in. People are still uncertain when this pandemic will be finally under control. For people who lost their jobs, it is extremely unlikely that they could easily get these jobs back. The market is now saturated with jobless individuals looking for jobs. This is worsened with many businesses closing left and right.

After the pandemic, expert remains pessimistic about the industries. Even though medical marijuana dispensaries have remained open, pundits worry about the future of most businesses that service the marijuana value chain. The negative consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic will have a huge impact and will continue and test the operations of many companies. Those with enough resources to intervene with the ensuing recession will have to resort to restructuring their business plans to ensure productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

So how will this affect the jobless – including the millions of new graduates and those who had been fired?


People seeking jobs will be seeing a very different career market in the coming months as industries return. Businesses will surely create new job positions as they attempt to pick up the pieces post-COVID 19. many companies have already changed their business models in order to adapt to the “new normal.” With it comes, entirely new roles and job vacancies that will need filling. As a job seeker, you need to ensure that you will be able to capitalize on this. Develop skills desirable for employers. Learn new things to prepare for the upcoming job positions that will be available in the market after the COVID 19 Pandemic.

to help you guide in this tumultuous time, we prepared here is a list of potential job positions in the marijuana industry that you once the CoVID – 19 pandemic ends. Assess your capabilities, experience, and background. Hopefully, you can find something suitable for your skillset.


With or without COVID 19 pandemics, experts worldwide had been advising people that one of the best ways to prepare yourself in the competitive job market is to acquire technology skills. This has not changed with COVID 19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic only increased the need for talents who are adept in various computer-based work.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to fast-track their reforms for paperless, and highly digitized work. Most of the businesses that will survive the pandemic will be the enterprises that were able to transform their work and mortar set up to online virtual offices. Right now, artificial intelligence, big data, the internet, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics have increased in demand. As a job seeker, experience, and skills in these topics will put you ahead of the millions of jobless.

Example of positions in the marijuana industry that will need this type of competency, knowledge, and experience include the following:

  • E-commerce professionals like online vendors and sellers,
  • Promotional experts including social media content creators, online marketing experts, search engine optimization professionals, et al.,
  • Creatives like graphic designers and video editors.

Even though we are still in the COVID 19 pandemic, many of the abovementioned professionals are enjoying some sort of job securities. Cannabis dispensaries and retailers quickly reassigned their personnel with these competencies with new tasks involving online orders and deliveries.


Many people are unaware that the job market in the marijuana industry is now becoming attractive for people who are working in the sector of judiciary and policymaking. But really, the COVID 19 pandemic spurred the demand for talented individuals with law background.

For the past few years, the cannabis advocacy has been successful in promoting the legalization of marijuana. All of these successes are in peril due to COVID 19 pandemic. Tragedies of this magnitude have always resulted to changes in policies. Often, disastrous events give way to more conservative attitudes. The Great Depression in the United States coincided with the Prohibition of Alcohol.

Example of positions in the marijuana industry that will need this type of competency, knowledge, and experience include the following:

  • Lawyers,
  • Legislators, and,
  • Lobbyists and advocates.

The COVID 19 pandemic endangers the important laws passed supporting the legalization of marijuana. However, these professionals are needed to protect these laws and to continue with the advocacy of the national legalization of marijuana.


Warehouse and delivery job opportunities increased in demand for the marijuana industry.

Cannabis as a product is still very tricky. Not all delivery companies are willing to aid in the trade of this herb across the country. Thus, warehouse and delivery job opportunities are really in demand at the moment. As real stores are being replaced with online ones, warehouses are now becoming more important than actual the actual store. As people’s movement is restricted, reliance on efficient delivery of goods increases. This are increasing demands for personnel who can help in these specific areas of the marijuana value chain.

Example of positions in the marijuana industry that will need this type of competency, knowledge, and experience include the following:

  • Security guards,
  • Records keepers,
  • Delivery men,
  • Knowledge Manager,
  • Inventory personnel, and,
  • Utility Officers.

Job seekers may opt to find manpower agencies for these types of positions. More often than not, these positions are being filled by many manpower agencies.


The COVID 19 pandemic is testing the resilience of the marijuana industry. Many people lost their jobs as enterprises change their business models to better cope with this disaster. However, just as some jobs become scarce, other job opportunities have opened. It is up to you, the job seeker to find a way to compete for these positions post-COVID 19 pandemic. Hopefully, this article can help you prepare in your goal to find a job after COVID 19 pandemic.

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