Changing your Word into a PDF file is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds just by saving it as a PDF file. However, PDF into Word? Although converting PDF files into Word documents is not that unheard of, it is not that easy to do compared with Word to PDF conversion. There certainly are websites offering this conversion like the PDFBear.

With many similar websites offering the same services, one needs to think of how it can outrun its competitors. It is where PDFBear spearheaded its free PDF to Word conversion service. The free service it offers now removes the barrier of affordability that separates them from the users and makes them a valued competitor in the market.


PDFBear’s Free Conversion Tool

PDFBear offers its PDF to Word converter online service for free and for all users out there without a need for subscription or creation of accounts and no hidden charges. Several people would have a dilemma regarding its security aspects. While it is free, some under the table processes will risk your data and information is lost.

The website understands these concerns. That is why it has its key features, and the four easy to follow steps displayed visibly on its page. By just visiting the website, you will see the instructions you can follow regardless of your computer proficiency, together with the features below it that will assure you why you can trust PDFBear for conversion.

PDFBear’s Various Features

The website made its intentions to serve the users wholeheartedly and honestly clear with the implementations of its valuable features to assure the users’ trust and confidence in them. PDFBear’s ratings on its affordability, compatibility, and privacy security aspects were all on the top of the charts.

For further information on the affordability aspects, websites offering PDF conversion into Word documents can amount to many. However, most of these websites require the users to create premium accounts, requiring monthly paid subscriptions for maintenance of its service to the users.

There is also the question of security if there is a website like PDFBear, which users can incur hidden charges for using. It is the reason why PDFBear is at the top of the market when it comes to conversion services.

The website also answers the issue of compatibility. The device’s operating system will not matter; be it a Windows, Mac, or Linux, the conversion process is guaranteed to run smoothly and speedily as ever.

Lastly, the much-awaited answer for the privacy security issue, PDFBear, strictly abides in its privacy policy, stating that all uploaded files in its server shall be removed or deleted after an hour. With this safety net, you can trust the website not to use your data anywhere else aside from conversion as it deletes it automatically.

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The Website’s User-Friendly Conversion Process Instructions

Aside from having features ensuring users of its commitment to value their trust and confidence, the four-step easy to understand conversion instruction guide adds sincerity to the website’s conviction. It is the visual guide that can be seen first on the page to assist the users in using PDFBear’s online conversion tool.

The first step for the process is to select the PDF file you wish to convert into a Word document from your device, or if it is easier for you, drag and drop it to the conversion toolbox of the website. PDFBear will now take over the process and extract all PDF contents, and the user needs to wait for this process to finish, which will only take a few minutes.

After finishing the extraction, you can now download your Word document and change it if you like. Remember that the entire process may take a second to a few minutes, depending on the size of the PDF files you have selected.

Other Advantages Of Using PDFBear

It is commendable that the website had maintained this service, and it is truly because of their caring features. Other advantages that are using the website is its capability to be used anywhere you are currently. The entire process takes place on the web, so even if you are outside doing other things, you can convert your PDF to Word with just a few taps.

The other one is the choices it offers after uploading the PDF file to the toolbox. What is great about it is, PDFBears explained below the meaning of the two options. The first one is the contents of the PDF will be converted into images pasted on a Word document. It is followed by the second, which will be changed into an editable one.


Many other similar websites might confuse the users from choosing the best and most trusted website for converting PDF files into Word documents. PDFBear is most probably the best or one of the best for affordability, free of charge, and its compatibility can be used by any device and security, for protection.

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