Nowadays each and every work can be done only on the basis of the financial ability of a person or group.

What is known as ok credit app?

Generally, ok credit app is a financial accounting software application in the device. Which will access eachUsers to safe and secure money transactions for commercial purposes. Single touch transfer to either account or mobile number is possible by these types of app.


OkCredit for PC Windows 10,8

Introduction of this app into the world?

Its original name is “ psi phi global solutions private limited “ and it was founded in April 2017. Its headquarters are situated in Bangalore, Karnataka in India. The minimum no of employees who are required to operate this process is 41 to 60. There core team members are Harsh Pokhara ( Founder and chief executive officer), Aditya prasad ( co-founder and chief technology officer ), and finally Gaurav Kunwar ( co-founder and CPO).


 Very easy for connection.

 At adorable work status.

 Next level generation upgraded methods.

 In a very quick time and successful payment.

very safe and secure to use.

Does not need any ones to help a single person who is well known about it can operate it.


* Does not work with low bandwidth internet.

*we should be care full while using this app.

*Does not support uneducated people who don’t know much about it.

This app new version is available from October 20 in the year 2020. The name of the version is 2.31.7.It belongs to the commercial business app and the size of this app is 26 MB. Small shopkeepers and medical shop people are well known for this app. Nowadays the popularity of this app is tremendously changed and improved up to the mark. It is having the highest rating app in financial purposes in nowadays society. It is always free to download this app and does not cost any charges for the process of the download.

Permissions required for this app functioning:

  • Requires data network sockets.
  • Requires both internal and external storage space.
  • Always requires the location of the active user in a particular region.
  • Information about the connected internet service provider.
  • A background camera will also run to access the precise location.
  • Always counts and reads the user’s data.
  • Okcredit app simplifies the way of the transaction and endless digital payments.
  • Requires and asks us to sign in to our account for further purposes.

Features :
Multi-languages are accepted by commend.
Easy to use and handle.
System supporting app without any overload of data.
Reminds your payment history frequently.
Communication and connection with.servers is very easy.
This will save the transaction history for further future purposes.

How to install okcredit app on pc :

  1. Firstly you must have a software application which is called as blueStacks.
  2. Now follow the procedure as given below for proper installation of the app.
  3. Down the blueStacks then search for play store in that. Then the official page of the play store will appear on the screen.on top search bar of the play store app search for okcredit app then click on install then enjoy your fearless banking account.

Another way to install this app :

Click on apk file for this app which is provided on our official website. Then click on download.It will just take a few for downloading. Allow the system for running this app. After some time the app is successfully installed on your pc.

How to install ok credit app on mobile :

Downloading of okcredit app in mobile is very easy.
Basically, there are two types of mobile versions they are android and apple iOS
In android go to play store and search for ok credit app then click on install.The same process will repeat in iOS also but with a small change that is in iOS you can get this app in AppStore and click on install.

If we lose our data in this app because of the reset of the device or any other reason. We don’t have to worry about it either we can contact the official authorities to get our account by backing up process.

Small merchants and stockbrokers are frequently using this app for small money payments. The officials don’t show much burden on small workers make them feel upset. They do their work very kindly and softly. It is a Haryana based app. The manual functions of this type of apps are very simple.

How to check out bank account balance in that app :

There are two ways to either logging into our account by using our registration number and our secret pin or giving a missed call to the customer care service then they will send our balance through the SMS for the registered number.


This app is best and acts as a stepping stone for digital India as it is functioned and operated both are done in India. It is a very simple business for accounting software. Its applications mainly manage all loyal things. And the most important thing is that financial transactions. It helps both parties to be in communication as a recorder as well as the receiver. Managing phone calls is done is always done by the inbuilt software in that app only.

The main drawback of this type of apps is while we are using this app in public places,At that time we must be very careful because the person beside us may easily look into our mobile and can know our security pin and may access our account. So we must be very careful while using it in public places.

Lastly, it is fantastic for our day-to-day works without which we cannot do anything. Present in society everything is done only by using the money without money we can’t even spend one day of our life at the present situation.  It is a fantastic and amazing app to do works in our life.

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