Since old times, mathematics has been an indispensable part of various societies such as physical sciences and technological works. In recent times, mathematics has gained a good amount of significance in other fields too. This significance can be elucidated by the fact that mathematics is a study of geometry, algebra, numbers, and various shapes. One of the specific aspects of this subject includes geometry.

Geometry is the learning of structure and knowledge of different shapes and equations. Knowledge of these shapes includes the area, perimeter, and several other key points about these figures. The concept of geometry also includes the topic of circles, lines, and equations. A circle as it is known is a round plane figure whose every point on the circumference is equidistant to the center fixed point. On the other hand, the line is a straight length that can be extended from either side and consists of no width. Both of these structures have abundant topics to understand. Here, we are going to learn and expertise the basics of the equation of line and equation of a circle. Now let us discuss this concept more.



Equations of a circle

The equation of a circle can be defined as an algebraic expression of the circle located in the XY plane. This equation helps us in recognizing the center of the circle and the measure of the radius. The Basic equation of circle is recorded as:

(x-h)2 + (y-k)2 = r2,

where h and k are the fixed center points and r is referred to as the center.

Equations of a line

Equation of line can be elaborated as a geometric equation that expresses the length and structure of line in an algebraic expression that is easily understandable to be located in an XY plane. The standard equation of a line in two variables is:

Ax + By +C = 0.

Where, A, B, and C are constants and A, B are not equal to zero. These equations can also be converted to a linear equation in a single or three variables.

There are some other equations of circles as well except the standard equation. These algebraic expressions exhibit different situations like the equation of a circle when the center is the origin, the equation when the center is not the origin. In the same way, there is some other equation of line as well. To illustrate- the standard forms of the linear equation can be differentiated into three parts. These are slope-intercept form, intercept form, and normal form. These equations are further known as straight-line formulas.


Coming to an end, this was a basic commencement about the concepts of equations of lines and circles whereas, this does include plenty of content to study, understand and learn. These are vast concepts and require needful practice and effort. It results in several queries and doubts in every student.

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