Outdoor events have become very popular in recent times. Companies have started to organize various events. Also, it brings forward the name of the company and put it in a good light.

Industry events take place everywhere. You might organize a seminar to sell your products or a food fair to sell your baked goods. Outdoor activities have become the next big thing for marketers everywhere.

But now the question arises- What makes your event successful?- the crowd. The audience becomes the heart and soul of any event organized by a company working in any sector.

Events give people a way out. Different events attract different kinds of people. The most common issue any company faces is to target the right audience and make sure that they attend the event.


How To Plan Events? 

Market your Event on Facebook 

Millions of people are always active on Facebook. It gives you the required audience for your event. Efficient marketing on Facebook can solve most of your problems.

Use Facebook to make your event accessible online. This would result in offline traffic i.e., more people attending your event. Promoting your event on Facebook will give your event the publicity it needs.

An average person spends about 58 minutes on Facebook every day. You can select the number of impressions of your ad you want your audience to see. You can also use Facebook to see what kind of people are interested in your event.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your company’s Facebook page
  2. Go to the events section from the drop-down in the left-hand corner of your screen
  3. Click on Create Event
  4. Fill up the details such as the date, time, venue and the schedule
  5. Click on create option, and then you are good to go

You can then share the event on your feed. You can also ask your friends and relatives to spread the word. Also, Facebook ads can help you out.

Facebook ads can have a broad or a narrow audience depending on the nature of your event. Suppose you are organizing a seminar on building brands, you would want corporate employees or business people to attend your event. You can select the funnel based on interests and other different criteria.

Get Your Hands on Free Video Tools

Videos can completely change the aesthetics of your event. You can make events enjoyable with the use of videos. Various free video making applications are available on the internet.

Many applications have features like an easy outro maker. You can download the app and work on it all by yourself. You can make the complete video using the guidelines, which will simplify your video-making process.

Market Your Event Using Different Event Discovery Sites

Today, you have different applications and websites where you can directly look for an event. These apps cater to a massive audience of people who are interested in attending different kinds of events. Make sure to promote your event on these platforms.

Some of these platforms are:

  1. Meetup
  2. Eventful
  3. Facebook Events
  4. Spotify

These applications will help you meet the right audience without many efforts.

Use Search Engine Optimisation Effectively

People use search engines all the time. Therefore, it is essential to keep the search engine optimization on your priority list. Proper SEO techniques are bound to work.

Make sure you get the organic reach. Also, work on the SEO to give your event an overall boost. You can use the Starter Guide on search engine optimization by Google to understand how it works. Alternatively, you can also hire a digital marketing expert.

Conduct Giveaway Contests

Giveaways have become popular in recent times. These techniques give you all the excellent attention you need to make your event successful. Also, contests with prizes keep up the level of excitement among the audience.

You can conduct these contests using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Giveaways can also include tickets to your event. This would create a lot of excitement among people who share a common interest in your event as tickets to events are expensive.

Giveaways will also increase your brand awareness. You can make a video to make the challenge even more exciting. You can lookout for an intro maker free download to make great video intros.

Try to publicize these contests. This would translate into a positive promotion of your event. Also, keep in mind the objective of organizing the giveaway.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have brought the next big wave when it comes to marketing. Influencers have a broad reach. They can spread the message in a fraction of seconds.

You can have an influencer on board to promote your event. The influencer can put up a post or release a video promoting your event.

These promotional posts are highly effective. People follow influencers as they relate to them at a certain level. You can use this fact to leverage and promote your event.

Use the Power of Experiential Marketing

Use this powerful technique to build the bridges between your brand and the target consumers. Make use of small online events to promote your main event. This would help you in improving the interaction with your target audience.

Always try and engage with your target audience. Create a real-life situation that would make it easy for your audience to connect and interact with the brand. You can then start focusing on promoting the event you are organizing.

Try building that connection with your audience first. Make them relate to you. Using the power of experiential marketing, you can turn your event to mega success.

Make the Most Out of Live Videos and Live Chats

Constant engagement with your audience will build up the excitement for your event. Also, people get a better idea of the event if someone explains it to them. Therefore, you can use live videos to reach out to your audience and build the crowd for your upcoming event.

You can also organize live chats on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. to interact with your audience. This would create a social buzz for your event.


Marketing has become the backbone of event planning and execution. Make sure to use these marketing hacks to leverage your event. These simple marketing techniques have the potential to make your event a huge success.

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