The iPhone is considered the most protected device among its users but the advanced technology has developed many applications that can allow its users to Celltrackingapps. The best way to spy on an iPhone without missing any bit of information is by using the keylogger feature of any spying application.

Nowadays, you can find numerous spying applications and Keyloggers with just one search on any web browser. But before choosing any of them make sure that you know about the pros and cons of that keylogging application. Here we have listed the top keylogging applications after vigorous research.


Spyic: Online Keylogging Application

Spyic is the state of art keylogging application and to know about the Spyic in detail check this post to iPhone keylogger and clear all your doubts. A large number of users consider Spyic as the best option for spying on any iPhone because of its online services and easy access via any web browser.

Spyic has won the trust of many well-reputed organizations; some of them are PC World, Forbes, CNET, Tech Advisor, Life Wire, Tech Radar, Toms Guide, The Verge, and New York Times. The biggest misconception about the keylogging applications is that jailbreaking is a must.

In the case of Spyic, the keylogging feature can grant you full access without the further need of jailbreaking and rooting and in addition to that, it can work perfectly well without installing any software in your device or on the iPhone device you want to clone. This makes the Spic favorite of all in over 190 countries.


What can Spyic keylogging services do for you?

Spyic has a large collection of features apart from keylogging features and all of them have their unique utility. A keylogger can present to you on Spyic’s dashboard all the keystrokes of the target device and keep the record safe in a serialized manner.

You can now get your hands on the password on the device, any social media account, or email account. In addition to that, the search history of the target iPhone will also be within your reach. There is no need to ever be in close contact with the iPhone you are shadowing.

Although Spyic provides separate features for shadowing the social media accounts and reading the text messages of the target device on your phone, a keylogger can also record the received and sent messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and people added with the user on social media accounts.


How to use the keylogging feature of Spyic?

There is no rocket science involved in utilizing the keylogging feature and Spyic for spying on any iPhone, you can handle it like a pro even if you are not a tech-geek. Just follow the given steps cautiously and become a spy without ever leaving your office.

Step 1:

First and foremost, visit the official site of Spyic through any web browser; there you will spot the ‘sign up free’ button on the top right corner. After clicking on that you have to fill the empty fields which will appear on the screen. 

Here you have to sign up for your account by entering the email address and password. Once you are done click on the ‘sign up free’ option given below and your account will be created. So registration with Spyic is as easy as ABC.


Step 2:

After that, you have to select a suitable package, and to proceed forward there is a need to submit payment according to that selected package. Spyic facilitates its users with reasonable prices so it won’t disturb the budget of its user.

Step 3:

In the case of the iPhone, you must know the iCloud credentials of the device you want to spy on because it will synchronize the target device with your Spyic account and the keylogger feature will be able to retrieve the data from the iCloud server of that device.


Step 4:

Lastly, you will be granted access to the Spyic’s dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see the selection panel on the left side with numerous options. You can select the keylogger feature by clicking on that option and all the arduous work will be done for you while maintaining your privacy.



Spyier is the second application you can count on for spying on an iPhone. Not only its keylogging services are at par with the best keylogger available but it also provides numerous other cool features for its users. For those of you who are looking for a cheap solution should go for the Spyier.



Minspy is a professional software for businessmen in case the employer wants to keep track of the employees’ activities during office hours. If the employer is suspecting an employee of slacking or engaged in malicious actions, the keylogger will provide all the shreds of evidence without making the employee alert.



Spyine is preferred by the parents for keeping a close eye on the interactions of their children in real as well as a virtual world. Through the keylogging feature, they can read all the text messages and social media statues without disturbing their privacy.



Neatspy is used by numerous people because of its intuitively designed dashboard and user-friendly services. It works in completely hidden mode and can do the magic work without demanding any storage space from your device because no additional software installation is necessary. 



ClickFree services can be utilized by any person for both professional and personal reasons. It can clone your girlfriend’s iPhone without sending any notification to the target device. The Keylogging feature clones all the text typed on the iPhone and keeps the record without missing a single detail.



To wrap up the whole discussion about the pinnacle of perfection keylogging applications it can be stated that Spyic is trusted and used by millions of people in every corner of the world because of its professional-level services and easy to access features.

This article has presented all the top-notch software for spying on the iPhone, that has the keylogging feature which can work without any hurdle or jailbreaking the device. This comprehensive guide has jotted down all the important points for people looking for a trusted application to spy on an iPhone.

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