Traveling overseas can be stressful. We’re talking long flights, culture shock, and jet lag.

But it can also be rewarding. You can see the wonders of the world, experience new cultures, and create new memories.

Now imagine you could do that for more than a few days. If you’re a student, you can do just that, by doing a study abroad program. A study abroad program will allow you to take classes in a foreign country, so you can learn while experiencing a different culture.

So is studying abroad worth it? Let’s find out if international studies are for you.

It’s Challenging (In a Good Way)

Studying abroad is not for everyone. Homesickness and culture shock are two frequent, harsh realities for many overseas students. It can be a very challenging experience, but it’s not always a bad challenge.

Studying abroad will force students to become more independent. When their previous safety nets are removed (friends, family, a familiar language), students are forced to take initiative and solve their own problems.

Unless a student already has friends or family in their new country, they will have to form new relationships. One way of doing that is through bonding with their fellow international students.

The best boarding school will encourage students to bond with each other and form new friendships. These friendships are strong enough to last a lifetime and can be a great support network.

When you study abroad, you are forced to experience a different culture. What does that mean? It means trying new foods, hearing and speaking a different language, celebrating different holidays, and the exchange of ideas.

You will learn in and out of the classroom. If you want to learn the native tongue, there will be plenty of opportunities to hear it and practice it. Your school may even offer courses to help introduce you to the language.

When it comes to your school, why limit yourself to only universities in your home country? If you choose a study abroad program, you can attend a top university in another country, and gain valuable educational experience.

International experience also looks good on a resume. If you desire to have a future career working with an international company or nonprofit, having experience studying abroad will look good on your resume.

Ultimately, time spent abroad is going to cause you to grow as a person. You may come back more confident and more prepared for the world, with a uniquely international view.

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So Is Studying Abroad Worth It?

So if you were wondering, “Is studying abroad worth it?” The answer is absolutely!

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity that not many students take advantage of. By studying abroad, you can shape yourself into a better person while furthering your education.

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