Intros have become one of the main reasons for videos being so attractive to the audience nowadays. The intros are helping different eLearning courses to keep their students stick to the computer screen. This is one of the best ways to keep students’ attention on the study course of eLearning. If you offer some great intros, students will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

There are not many people who know about your eLearning course. However, if you are not going to tell them how they will know about it, right? Besides, if you are going to teach your audience something, you need the complete attention of your audience. Hence, when you keep a short and unique and precise intro, it will surely attract the audience to be with you till the end of your videos.

Here, we will tell you about some best intro ideas that will amaze all your potential clients. You will have a great number of people coming towards your business. Intros are one of the best things you can add to your videos to bring more clients towards you.


Here are some great ideas for different intros. Check them below:

There are many ideas around the internet on how to add an intro interestingly. Intros also helps in attracting customers, how it will do that is also a major concern for the creators. Many YouTube video intro maker applications that can help you to make intros. But before you opt for them, check out the different ideas we have for you to add an intro in your video in an interesting way.

Push them in the gap with a teaser:

Many YouTubers who have tried this while trying to make an interesting video to your intros. It is a great technique to hook the learner. A concept designed by Nancy Duarte shows how you can hook a learner with such an amazing intro idea. It shows the learner where they are standing now according to their merit level, and where they can end up by the end of the course.

However, to imply this idea, you have to understand your target audience by creating a learner persona. This way, you will tell your students what problems they are facing and what are the actions you recommend them and how will those help them overcome these situations.

However, where most people go wrong is the gap is just a teaser. It is not the summary of the solution and nor the whole solution by any means. If you gave everything they need to know in your GAP, why will they take subscriptions to your course?

Here is what we mean:

Using a short promotional video showing overview and lay of the content. Narrate some part of the content to your audience and describe to them how your solution is going to help them. Show them how easy it is to solve their problems with your solution in a sneak peek. So this is one great idea to add an intro like this in your videos.

Step in with an image:

This is another great way to make your intro one of the best intros in the market. Use this idea to attract more customers to your business. There are many video maker with music software and applications that can easily make an intro with any image you want. Images are very powerful hookers of the audience as well.

There are many YouTubers and other businesses that use this type of intros in their videos, and they are seemingly happy by the capability of these intros in hooking new subs. Using a clickbait or any other image that instantly grabs attention on the title screen is one of the best ways to hook new subs to your channel. It is an incredible way to start a course. Students will love it for sure. Here are three goals that the right image intro will accomplish for you:

  • It will grab and also will hold the attention of your audience, that might bring you more subs.
  • The image intro will be relevant to the message you want to communicate.
  • The right image is meaningful and will speak for your content and itself as well.

The rightly used image will grab the attention of your student and will keep them going with the information they got. If once your video sticks to their mind, your chances of getting a new subscription will increase. You can also try more than one image to fill the gaps if the time comes.

Animate Motivational statements:

This is another great way to leverage the subject matter expert to communicate your messages in different motivational statements. The animation is a great way to stick to the potential customer’s mind for a long time. When you are posting Animated motivational statements, especially by experts or trusted animated characters, it will leave an everlasting effect on the mind of our [potential clients and customers.

Invideo is one of the most used software to make different intros. You can try this software to make such an intro. Rest assured, your intro is going to be one of the most catchy and sweet intros ever produced in the industry. With such an intro, you will not need help from others to make your channel or videos an interactive one.

Remember that each one of us wants to become successful. Each one of us wants to know the tips of successful men to imply them in their daily lives to become successful as well. This way, if you can prove yourself to be a distinguished expert who will surely help the learners, then learners will surely come towards you.

Trying to start your eLearning course with an excerpt from an idea/quote or statement from a famous person might also help.

In conclusion, we can say that intros have to play a big part in eLearning and to engage more students with the course. There is various software to make a unique outstanding intro for the videos on the internet. Try any of them and hook more learners for your course today.

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