The attention span of an average human being is 8 seconds. Time is usually too short for everybody. That’s why we ignore anything that wastes our time or bores us. Put all these in mind and look at your website design to see if it is boring and wastes time for visitors. 

If any of the above is true, it is time to change things a bit. You don’t want your visitors to leave your website without taking the actions you expect. Moreover, if your bounce rate is high, the Google search engine will not look kindly on the website. 

This is why many business owners prefer to develop a custom website so they can achieve an attractive design from the beginning. But no need to worry if you didn’t. Instead, check below for the things you can do to improve your current website design. 


How to Improve a Website Design 

  • Increase the page-loading speed 

The normal standard for a website to load is 2-5 seconds tops. If the visitors usually have to wait for even 1 minute or more for your website to load, your bounce rate will hit the roofs. That means that they’ll always click out or choose your competitor’s website every time they need something. 

So, no matter the business you’re doing, make sure that the website is loading faster every time. Some of the things you can do include using a fast hosting company, reducing the plugins on your website, using a premium theme, or optimizing your images. 

  • Use Attractive Images 

People love what they see, as it is usually simple to understand. Try to go more visual on your website. If you use more and more photos, drawings, GIFs, etc., to tell your story, people will be attracted easily to your website. 

So, if you’re not achieving the goals you’ve set out from your website now, try using more visuals.  We know that too many images can reduce your loading speed. But if you optimize them appropriately, they will work fine on the website. 

The good news is that there are many free services to get free images and GIFs, even cartoons. Check out some of them, such as Canva, Unsplash, Pexels, etc., and improve your web design now. 

  • Improve your color choices 

Color works like images. It has a visual effect that can attract all kinds of users. If your web design is not generating good results right now, consider changing the colors. We understand that brands usually pick colors to suit their story. But in choosing those colors, consider their effects on your visitors. 

If the colors are too dull, you may not attract a certain category of visitors. But, on the other hand, if they’re too sharp or childish, they may not tell your brand story rightly. So, try to achieve a balance when picking the colors on your website. 

If the ones you have now are not working, that means you need to spice things up a bit. Don’t go overboard but experiment with other colors a bit and watch the effect. 

  • Stick with a consistent presentation 

Another way to improve your website is to check if every page matches your brand. Then, if someone lands on your website, they should find it easy to recognize the pages as yours and easily navigate the site without hassles. 

To achieve that, make sure that the design is beautiful and laid out the same way from one page to another. You don’t want to confuse the visitors by changing things from one page to another. Make sure that every page they land on has the same design as the previous ones they left. 

Let the style, images, colors, layout, etc., look the same. If your design is that consistent, attracting and keeping visitors won’t be difficult. 

  • Strategize your web contents 

The way you present content on your website matters a lot. There are many websites that you see and quickly love due to their presentation. If it’s possible, use lesser content and more images or illustrations. Also, don’t write a block of tests that will bore visitors to read. 

Instead, use bullets points to present the core information you want to share. We’ve seen many websites that use images and bullet points to design their landing pages, services pages, and even the “About us” pages. This might seem simple, but it is usually attractive and easy to assimilate. 

  • Create a Blog Page

If the blog page is not on your website now, go back and create one. Starting a blog on your website gives you the place to share more relevant information about your services or products. It attracts more visitors to your website, drives engagement, and increases patronage. 

But remember to implement a good SEO strategy to push the blog to the frontlines of Google pages. 


We have shared 6 important ways to improve your website design. Try to implement them and improve your website design today.

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