Instagram has become the most popular social media app now. Not even youth but older adults also like to use Instagram. Almost every single celebrity and normal people are using Instagram. Recently Instagram has launched a new feature called reels. One can make sound videos in this feature. It has to lead Instagram toward the most like social media app.

It has some other amazing and interesting features. But at the same time, it disappoints many users with some of its features. One of those features is, it shows who views your stories. We all face this problem that we want to see someone’s story on Instagram without letting them know. However, this is quite difficult but we have found two solutions for you. You will explore the two ways from which you can view someone’s Instagram story without letting them know.


How to see someone’s story on Instagram without letting them know

Method 1- Click the next story and swipe back

It is a very interesting and fun method to check the story of any user without letting them know. Follow the given instruction :

  • The first thing you need to do is find the story you want to check secretly. Now click on the story next to the desired story. You need to click on the next given story, not on the one you want to check.
  • Not pause the story by tapping on it and then slowly swipe toward the direction your desired story is located. For example, if you have clicked on the right side story of the given story you need to swipe toward the left side. This is the most critical and important step. A little mistake and distraction can reveal you in front of the user whose story you are checking secretly. Swipe carefully till the nest story appears as a 3D box on the screen. At the final point, you will be able to see both the stores in a single screen as a 3D box.
  • Do not swipe to the left completely.. Make sure you swipe only till their 3D box doesn’t appear on the screen.

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Method 2- Download a third-party app

To use this method you need to download a third-party app from the play store and the iPhone. There come many apps in which you need to login to your Instagram id and you can easily view the stories of any user. The best part is these apps doesn’t let the user know that you have been viewed his/her story.

For a website- if you don’t want to download any app then you can simply search in your google. This will download all the stories of the user on your phone.

For iPhone- if you are using an iPhone then you can download story reposter from the App store. After that search, the username fro the search bar and view the folder of their stories.

For android- for the android device you can download story saver from the play store. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the search bar. Tap on it and search the username. After that, you can view their stories secretly.

These are the two possible methods to view someone’s story without letting them know. But you can use these methods only if either you ate following the user or the user’s profile is public. Choose one method accordingly.

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