Sometimes our own relationships trouble us more than we like. Sometimes, people take their relationship too casually. Fidelity has become particularly hard in today’s contexts where couples find it extremely concerning to trust each other.

So, if your boyfriend has been acting immensely sneaky off lately, there is a way you can confirm or dismiss your apprehensions about him. There are applications serving the purpose of unearthing the true pictures in a relationship. Spy apps have become the protective shield of trust you want in your relationship.

There are coveted platforms such as Safespy that provide its users a safe space to ensure that their emotional engagement in a relationship is not being taken for granted. If your boyfriend leaps at every text beep on his phone, you have every right to know what is going on. 

SafeSpy: A Leading Spy App

SafeSpy is a leading, modern and innovative web based spy application that allows you an unhindered insight into your boyfriend’s phone, also his life. Text messages are the most preferred way of communicating these days, because it always has an air of secrecy in it.

As opposed to getting noticed while calling your ex-girlfriend, it is easier to just text her. So, do not underestimate the power of a text message or its potential of jeopardizing your relationship. 

SafeSpy has an array of features that ensure the secretiveness of your spying. Getting caught while spying is one of the most catastrophic things that can happen in a relationship. Therefore, SafeSpy protects the user’s interests by keeping the spying as secretive as possible.

Spy App with Stealth Mode

When you spy using SafeSpy to read boyfriend’s messages, you read his messages holistically, without even touching his phone. The application has a superb built in stealth mode that allows absolute remote access. 

View His Inbox and More

With SafeSpy, you don’t just obtain access to his inbox, but you also get to see his deleted messages, his typed and unsent messages. Further, any social media exchanges, messages, videos, images, live GPS location and even the library of apps. You can see everything happening on his phone.

Furthermore, SafeSpy has a superb Keylogger feature. By virtue of this feature, you can see the messages that he intended to hide (the one’s he deleted). You can also see the messages he typed, but didn’t send (how he changed his mind and what he sent instead)

This is a particularly great feature as it provides an insight into someone’s mind and thoughts. What one wanted to do, but didn’t tell a lot about him. 

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

The web based application does not require you to root through your boyfriend’s phone. So much so, you do not even need to touch his phone to spy on it. He could be travelling or be on the other side of the globe, but you would be able to spy on him regardless of his phone’s availability. 

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Data Security

You do not have to fret over compromising on any data security. The application protects the interests of the user and the data being viewed is also protected efficiently. No information of the user or the loved one being spied on is ever revealed. 

Reading Boyfriend’s Text Messages without Touching his Phone

Your boyfriend might be using an iOS or an Android phone. In either of the cases, you will be able to successfully spy on him. SafeSpy makes spying effortlessly possible on either of the platforms. 

In a matter of a few odd minutes, you can follow the steps mentioned below to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without even touching it:

Step 1

As the first and foremost step, you would need to register with your email ID to SafeSpy’s official site. This email would then act as the formal mode of SafeSpy’s communication and you will also receive your set up instructions here.

Step 2

After the registration, you would then be required to select the plan of your choice from the alternative plans available. SafeSpy has multiple kinds of monthly plans and packages that render to different customer criteria.

So, you can make an informed choice about the kind of plan you want after going extensively through your demand and the availability of options. Once you have chosen the plan, you can purchase it.

Step 3

After selecting and paying for the plan, you will receive a step up link soon after on your email ID. The link when clicked upon, will take you seamlessly through the process of installation. Within a few odd minutes, the app would be set up on your system.

Note: After the installation has been so completed, SafeSpy will then seek the target device from you. This will be a point of procedural distinction so you need to pay attention  to it.

Step 4

Now comes the point where you would establish the link between your boyfriend’s phone and SafeSpy. To do that, you need to first specify the kind of phone he uses. If your boyfriend uses an iPhone, you select iOS as the target platform. If your boyfriend uses an Android phone, you use Android as the target platform.  

Linking iPhone with SafeSpy

This process is effortlessly simple. All you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the target device. Once that is entered, you can instantaneously attain access to his phone and view all the text messages that he has been sending and receiving.


Linking Android Phone with SafeSpy

Per se, there is no app that could allow completely direct and remote access into an Android phone. This is because of the fact that Android phones have very stringent access policies. So, while downloading the app on your boyfriend’s phone becomes inevitable, there are ways to curb all associated risks.

The below procedures are the shortest and simplest ways of ensuring that you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone secretively:

SafeSpy only weighs 2Mb and this kind of weight doesn’t attract the attention of the user. The application can instantaneously be hidden upon download. This makes no evitable sign of the app’s existence on the phone.

Hence, after downloading (and hiding) the app on your boyfriend’s phone, SafeSpy links itself to the target Android device. You can attain immediate access into his text messages. This is just a one time requirement and you wouldn’t need the phone ever again to effect any change. 


So instead of being in dismay about a possible hunch of infidelity, using Safespy to read boyfriend’s messages is the desirable thing to do. The application has a lot to offer in terms of services, functions and features. 

Its dependable platforms such as SafeSpy that allow ending the suspense upon neo relationships. So, save yourself some emotional exhaustion and see the truth first hand, all by yourself.

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