ntertaining yourself through Instagram is good but don’t forget to get safety measures related to your account. If you’re famous on Instagram then make sure that your account can be hacked. Many hackers are continuously working to steal your personal and non-personal data through Instagram. It’s your account and you should take some safety measures to protect it. After using Instagram you should be logged out from it. This will protect your account from hackers. So, let’s discuss how to log out of Instagram on all devices?

We all know that Instagram is the most popular online social media in the world. On Instagram, you can follow those people who you like. You can see the post posted by them. Can appreciate their work and give your suggestions to them. It is a great entertainment platform that entertains you all the time. You can follow your role model to see what they’re doing in their lives. Not only this you can educate yourself by following the education pages on Instagram.

In this platform, most of the actors from most of the industry are always available to entertain their fans. In simple words, we can say that Instagram is a complete package of entertainment. You can use this 24/7 but with a condition that you must have an internet connection. Let’s see how to log out of Instagram on other devices

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How to log out of Instagram on all devices

Your Instagram account attains your beautiful memories and useful data. To protect them from any online casualty every person has to take some safety measures. To protect their Instagram account people should change their password from time to time. After doing this no one can hack your device to steal your password. Secondly, the user should log out from the devices which they’re in which they log-in their Instagram account.

Many people prefer cyber cafes to do online activities. In this matter, if they don’t log out of their account then anyone can misuse their Instagram account to make abusive comments to anyone.

Well, most of the Instagram users know how they can be logged out on Instagram. But, they don’t know How to log out Instagram accounts from all devices? So, in this article, we’re going to discuss Instagram log out of all devices.

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How to log out Instagram accounts from Mobile phones?

Mobile phones are the most useful devices for Instagram. Most of the people are preferring the use of mobile for Instagram. We all know that it’s a modern age and mobiles can solve any problem of people easily. The compatible infrastructure phones make it more usable as compared to other devices.

To log-out, your Instagram account through your mobile phones is an easy process. After following some easy steps you can easily run how you can log out Instagram accounts from mobile phones. Let me clarify that the process of log-out type Instagram accounts from mobile is the same for Android users and iOS users.

Steps to log out Instagram account from mobile phones.

To know How to log out an Instagram account on mobile phones, follow the steps discussed below.

  • Open your Instagram app

Unlock your phone and find the icon of Instagram. The icon of Instagram looks like a multi color camera covered in a box. If you have many accounts then you have to select which account you want to log-in and have to fill the username and password of your
selected account.

Note:- If you’re not logged-in into Instagram then, complete your log-in process first. If you already log-in to Instagram then go to the next step.

  • Go to your profile

Visit your profile to proceed with the next step. You just have to find an icon that contains your Instagram profile picture. This icon is placed on the bottom-right side of your screen. Click on it and wait for a response.

  • Click to the 3 horizontal bars

You have to find an icon that contains 3 horizontal lines ☰. You can find this icon easily on the top right side of your screen. Once you find the icon, click on it.

  • Open the settings icon

When you click on the 3 horizontal lines option, this will lead you to a new page. A menu will open in front of you which comes with many options. You have to select the icon of Login security.

  • Find the option of Log-out

The login security option comes with a menu that attains some more options. Find the option of Login-Activity. Once you click on this option a new pop-up window will open which shows carry your login info and current location of using Instagram. At the bottom of the pop-up window, an option of log-out will appear on your screen. Click to “Log-out” and wait.

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  • Click on remember or Not now options

When you click on the “Log-out” option, a pop-up comes on the screen. These options ask you to remember your login information. This will help you to log-in to your account without entering any username or password. So, the option asks you to “Remember” or
to “Forget” your login information. Well, it totally depends on your choice whether you want to give permission to login-info or not. Let me tell you that you can select any of the options. I prefer to select the option of “Forget” and “Not Now” because it enhances your security.

  • Tap “log out” option

A new pop-up will occur on your screen which confirms that your want to log-out to your Instagram account. Tap to this option and wait.

  • Remove the login info of your account

After completing all the steps you have to remove your login info from the first page of the Instagram. If you have many Instagram accounts on your one device then ×to the account you want to clear and tap remove. Yes, it’s a long process but you can easily log-out your Instagram to follow these steps. Now, A question must arise: What if I use Instagram on my computer? Well, don’t worry because we’re going to discuss How to log-out Instagram account from desktop?

How to log-out Instagram account from desktop?

To follow the following steps to get the answer to How to log-out Instagram account from desktop?

  • Open your Instagram account

If you’re using your Instagram account on the desktop then open your browser and search the website of Instagram. This will directly get you to the official page of Instagram.

  • Complete login process

If you don’t log in to your Instagram account then enter your username and password on the page of Instagram. If you’re already logged in into Instagram then follow the steps discussed below.

  • Find and click on the profile icon

Once your login process is completed then find your profile icon. This icon is available on the top of your desktop screen. Click on it and wait.

  • Tap the “settings” option

When you click to your profile icon plenty of options will show on your screen. Now, find an option of Settings that is placed on the top-right side of your desktop. Click on it and wait.

  • Tap login security and click on login activity

Once you open your setting then a new menu will open in front of you. Find the option of login setting and click on login-activity which opens when your click on login settings.

  • Go to the login-info option

When you click on the login activity then a pop-up window will open in the front of you. This option attains your current location of using the Instagram and an option of log-out

  • Tap to Log out

You have to find the option of Log Out, which is available on the button of your screen. Click to Log-out.

Note:- Instagram can remember your login-info but only when you don’t clear the login-in history or browser history. If you cleared the browser history then you have to re-login when you want to use Instagram.

After completing these processes you’re able to complete the log-out process on desktop. It’s an easy and short process which is a way to learn.

So, here we discussed how to logout of Instagram on all devices? I think now you can make your Instagram account more protective and safe.

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