The identity of the brand is the passport that allows you to be instantly recognized wherever you are, but also to be recognized by customers only at the mention of your name or the vision of your logo. This shows its crucial importance.

Any entrepreneur wishing to set up in a market must benefit, from the start, from an identity for his brand that will establish him with the public in a lasting way. But to be sure, what are the principles to respect?


The visual

Graphic work is essential to any identity. Today information travels quickly and captures the human eye less and less. You have to be punchy and original enough to be remembered. A company will not be able to do without a graphically modern logo. You should also use a personalized stamp for your business. You should be looking for a personalized or customized stamp also known as ‘Timbro personalizzato,’ for your company or brand.

Rely on values

To develop an identity, it is good to promote certain values. The company has a perfectly logical profit target. Nevertheless, it remains a human activity which must be meaningful, internally as with its customers and service providers. This can be sustainable development, innovation, authenticity depending on the activity practiced.

Keep it simple

For an effective brand identity, you have to think about it in terms of clarity. Ideally, from the name, the public can already imagine the service offered, which has the advantage of immediately selecting a potential clientele. This will perhaps limit its impact in terms of quantity, but each person sensitized will memorize the conveyed identity all the more.

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Slogan or not?

Thinking of a slogan, a signature, is very common and often effective. However, the idea can quickly add to the visibility campaign. If the name of the company already announces the activity, or if graphically the message is already going well without a slogan, we can do without. Having a signature in mind to define the identity does not necessarily imply having to include it.

Which professionals to choose?

A great professionalization characterizes the communication professions. A copywriter is not a graphic designer, a web designer is not necessarily a designer. In relation to the initial ambition and the supports intended to receive the identity of the brand, the entrepreneur will have to choose which type of professionals to address according to his needs, to avoid wasting time and / or being disappointed.


The visual identity of the brand should not be thought of only in a graphic way. However, it must respond to a communication strategy. Should any indications of the activity incorporate the design, should the name be fully part of the logo, what colors will speak to the customer? It all depends on the market in which we intend to operate and the competition that reigns there.

Think in time

A brand identity is attached to the company, of course. It is still necessary to take into account the need for the evolution of graphics. Thus, at the time of its development, it is good to imagine what could be the elements which could be improved afterwards, even if one does not foresee a change for several months. By the time, for one reason or another, the logo will have to be modified, we will already know which spaces can be malleable.

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