Is the electric skateboard safe?

Electric skateboarding is one of the hottest new trends in action sports. It’s always worth remembering that these great boards are a bit more dangerous than modern foot power boards, as you can hit up to 20km or more per hour. Generally speaking, it’s completely safe if users can enjoy electric skateboarding wisely. There is always the temptation to push new toys to the limit. Therefore, it is usually newcomers who get injured. But that said, even experienced users, regardless of skill level, should always use these devices responsibly.

Safety advise for using an electric skateboard

The first thing a responsible user of these products needs to do is equip them with the proper gear. Much of this advice applies to traditional skateboarding, but few people always overlook the basics. Just because an electric unit has a hand control does not mean that it will not fall off.

Find a well-made skate helmet. However, skating requires a helmet that not only withstands strong impacts but is also lightweight and easy for the user to see naturally.

Shoes need rubber that “sticks” to the board. They should be a little sturdy to provide full support. Your ankles and soles will thank you after a day!

Pads are mandatory and should always be worn. It is impact-resistant yet lightweight and does not restrict movement. Many skaters crumple these – a bad idea.

Get the perfect electric skateboard for your skateboarding surface! I can’t emphasize this enough. All-terrain boards are much heavier duty than concrete surfaces. The latter is much lighter.

Follow these basics every time. Electric skateboarding suddenly becomes a much safer sport.

Choose your skating location carefully

As mentioned above, there are different types of electric skateboards configured for a particular terrain.

Urban/park skaters should always be aware of traffic! Cars are the number one reason for serious injury, and even powerful electric skateboards are not considered comparable to cars for acceleration. can not. Be careful in the park. Keep in mind that it can go much faster than the majority of skaters on the premises. Watch out for collisions and start slowly.

All-terrain users need to know the layout of the route, especially when going down countryside or wooded roads. Boards designed for this terrain are surprisingly sturdy but are always stopped by fallen trees and branches. Good advice is to follow the route at a slower pace first and then enjoy a little more on the return route. Always be careful to keep a sufficient distance from other boarders in the group.

This may sound common sense, but it is one of the biggest causes of injury. Even well-known routes and parks are simply complacent about being too casual about risk. Respecting others around you, pushing your limits, being shy to cars, there is no reason why electric skateboarding is much more dangerous. Also, it is illegal to ride an electric skateboard in some places, so be sure to check the signs before installing the board.

By practicing and knowing your limits and techniques, you can significantly reduce your injuries.

Successful cleanup is a key skill that every user must learn. Given the additional speed and dynamism these boards can offer, all wipeouts can be quite dangerous. Learn to fall with the same rotational movements that motorcyclists use, rather than elbows and knees. Being able to fall into a natural roll at speed may result in some bumps and bruises, but it is always preferable to a fracture.

The same is true for tricks. Electric boards aren’t cheap and it’s very, very attractive to suddenly expect to be a magic skater. Not true – and overconfidence will cause injuries. It takes time to get used to all types of boards, and these are no exceptions. Take as much time as you need to learn responsiveness, responsiveness, and the ability to spin before you get great speed. The important thing is not to get it right once or twice, but to get it right thousands of times. If you follow this advice, you will be a better skater.

Final idea

So did all this leave us to think about the safety of electric skateboards? It should be fairly clear that all machine safety is the responsibility of the border. By treating it with respect and providing you with thorough learning of the technique, the chances of injury are greatly reduced. Think of it as upgrading a car from Volvo to Ferrari. 

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