A developer will ask the first question: “How much does it cost to build an app?”. Many different factors determine the cost of an app, including the type of application, expected traffic and scale, and your project goals. Here are some tips to help you determine the cost of an iPhone or Android app. To start, understand the costs associated with hiring a developer.


Level of Experience

The cost of hiring an App utviklere Norge significantly by location and level of experience. While hiring an app developer in your city or town, the prices will be much higher than hiring a developer in a different city. In Norway, you can expect to pay $150 to $250 per hour for an iPhone or Android app developer. In Finland, you can expect to pay thirty-five to fifty-four dollars an hour. In Iceland, you can expect to spend 42 to 58 USD for four work hours. While the costs will be higher in these countries, you can still get a reasonably-sized app developed with a well-established company.

Central & Eastern Europe Regions

The cost of hiring an app developer in your own country will be higher than that of an app developer from another country. For example, hiring a local developer from your area will mean paying up to $50 per hour. But if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and flexible app, the costs will be significantly lower. For example, in some Central and Eastern Europe regions, you can expect to pay around thirty to fifty dollars per hour.

Independent Contractor

In Europe, you can hire an app developer for as little as thirty dollars per hour. However, the cost of hiring an app developer in your own country is significantly higher than in Western countries. For example, in Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands, you can pay up to fifty to sixty dollars an hour for four work hours. You can also get a cheaper developer in your own country by hiring an independent contractor.

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Full-Time Employee

If you’re looking to hire a developer to build an app in your own country, you’ll want to look at the cost per hour in your own country. European countries are more expensive than the rest of the world, so you might consider hiring a developer in your own country. In most cases, a full-time employee is not necessary for short-term projects. Instead, you can work with independent contractors.

The cost of hiring a developer to create an app varies. Depending on your country’s currency, your developer’s salary will vary. For a startup, the budget will be small compared to an app developed by a big company. Choosing the right team is critical, but they will also need to know your market, which is why a good team will be a crucial component to the success of your project.

Price of App Developer

The price of an app developer varies across the world. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the costs of your chosen location. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from five to twenty dollars per hour for an app developed in your home country. In the case of Eastern Europe, the cost of hiring an app developer can range from 37 to 77 USD per hour. If you’re looking for a lower-cost developer, consider hiring a freelance developer.


When determining the cost of hiring an app developer, you need to know your requirements and which technologies are required for the project. It’s also important to be clear on the specific technologies you require your app to use. It’s possible to have a custom mobile app built in less than three months, but if you’re not sure, you’ll need to hire a developer who can handle the work for you.

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