Helcim is a service provider offerings issuer that gives obvious, aggressive pricing and an all-inclusive platform. While it is now no longer the maximum less costly choice for groups with low income volumes, it is an extraordinary desire for maximum different small-commercial enterprise owners. Here’s what you want to know.


How does Helcim work?

As a full-carrier service provider offerings issuer, Helcim-review numerous capabilities and capabilities, including:

  1. Merchant accounts, which can help you be given credit score and debit card bills from customers.
  2. Hardware, along with the platform’s NFC-enabled cellular card reader.
  3. A cellular app for iOS or Android, which permits you to simply accept bills at the go.
  4. Virtual terminals, which permit you log in from any tool that has net get admission to and be given credit score card transactions.
  5. Point-of-sale software program, thru the platform’s web-primarily based totally software program and cellular app.
  6. Hosted price pages, which can help you be given bills, check in customers, upload QR codes, store credit score playing cards and subscribe customers to ordinary price plans for your commercial enterprise’s website.

A price gateway API, which could combine with a buying cart, billing machine or different well suited third-celebration software program.

How plenty does Helcim value?

Payment processing fees

Helcim operates on an interchange-plus pricing structure, which means you pay a selected price plus cents in line with transaction above interchange (0.25% plus eight cents in line with transaction over interchange, for example). The interchange price itself varies relying on the cardboard issuer, and may extrade over time. For groups processing up to $25,000 in credit score card income in line with month, Helcim charges:

0.3% plus eight cents in line with in-character transaction (similarly to interchange).

0.five% plus 25 cents for every keyed and on line transaction (similarly to interchange).


Helcim gives a cellular card reader, which charges $109 and consists of a unfastened countertop stand. You also can upload an non-obligatory thermal printer for $79.

If you need to apply extra POS hardware (like a coins drawer or barcode scanner), you should purchase those from third-celebration sellers, and you will be even capable of use hardware you already own.

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Helcim does now no longer price among the ordinary charges related to service provider carrier providers, and it is obvious approximately the few charges it does price:

For every transaction with non-enough funds, the charge is $25.

Any lower back or rejected ACH or EFT/PAD transactions are charged a $five charge.

If you’ve got got a chargeback, you’ll need to pay a $15 charge — however Helcim will reimburse this in case you win the dispute.



Helcim lists all its pricing statistics and charges on its website, and breaks down man or woman processing charges. Although the interchange-plus fees might not be the maximum less costly for all groups, this obvious version is one of the fine alternatives you’ll acquire from a service provider carrier issuer.

Additionally, PCI compliance (that’s every other not unusualplace month-to-month value required with the aid of using different providers) is protected with a Helcim service provider account.

All-inclusive platform

Helcim service provider offerings in reality is all-inclusive, providing you with one-key get admission to to the sources you want to run your commercial enterprise. Unlike many different price processing companies, Helcim affords you with a service provider account, credit score card processing, a point-of-sale machine, hosted price pages, invoicing and commercial enterprise control tools.


Potentially high-priced for low-extent groups

Helcim’s pricing might be now no longer the maximum value-powerful for smaller groups that manner decrease volumes every month. Smaller groups may not want all of Helcim’s capabilities and can store cash with the aid of using the use of a issuer with flat-price pricing, like Square.


Square: Free software program choice and unfastened hardware

Square gives some of tailor-made software program alternatives — Square Point-of-Sale, Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants and Square Appointments — all of which consist of a unfastened magstripe credit score card reader for processing in-character bills. You additionally have the choice to buy extra hardware without delay from its website. The maximum primary choice, Square Point-of-Sale, is unfastened and consists of extra stock and worker control capabilities.

All of Square’s credit score card processing charges are flat-price, making them greater predictable and probably greater value-powerful for low-extent groups.

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