GSTIN is simply a GST number or identification number, a 15-digit code based on your PAN number assigned to any GST-registered merchant. Before filing the GST return you must do GSTIN verification as a GST registered company.

Under the Income Tax Act, a single merchant may have multiple GST numbers as an assessee for each Union Territory or State from which they operate. If you reach the threshold limit by registering under GST, you must do GST number verification.

Originally, many registration numbers for different laws, such as sales tax, excise duty, and VAT, were required under previous indirect tax regulations. Today, it only gives the GST-GSTIN number. Public data is GST number or GSTIN. Searching by name for the GST number is very important.

To ensure the validity of the vendor and the GST or GSTIN to be included in the invoice, each company must conduct business relations with GST registered taxpayers.


GST Number Search

The main advantage which is accessible for GSTIN records will not only have the tax authorities it has a general public electronic route with legal businesses and verification. Mainly you can scan the GST number vendor and also the perspective to verify the name address etc.

As per records of GST registration. Multiple web sites have started advertising the option after the introduction of GST and GST Number Search. Nonetheless, it is best to inspect details of GST registration through the Official GST Portal. The availability of the GSTIN search option for prospective business partners and vendors is expected to boost morale among companies across the country, including across state borders.

  • GSTIN is composed of 15 digits
  • Mainly the 2 digit range should have 1 to 35 which will display the registration code as per the 2011 Indian Census
  • Next 10 digits PAN number of the person which was registered with GST
  • Now enter the entity code GST 13 digits number. And refer the registration with legal entities which several registrations within the same state. The 2 companies registered will have the same state with the legal body and the registration will have 1 to13 digit with second registration from 2 to 13 digits.
  • According to the new GST number format, the 14th digit for new registration is “Z” by default but this digit is retained for future use.
  • The last digit (15th) is currently being used as a check code and maybe a randomly assigned number or alphabet.

GST Number Search Tool

  • GSTIN Misuse
  • Verify GSTIN online instantly
  • GSTIN or GST Number structure
  • How to complain about fake GST No.?

GSTIN Misuse:

  • Faced with GSTIN

There could be situations in which the supplier could use fake GSTIN ID and deliver the goods to the customers. In such a case, in the form of CGST+SGST or IGST, the supplier may collect tax from the recipient but will not pass it on to the government.

  • Bogus invoices inside

It is a major concern, as there could be situations where an individual might assert ITC by producing bogus invoices. In such a case, the supplier may create bogus inward invoices to adjust the amount of tax liability against no genuine delivery of goods.

It will affect the interest of the buyer or recipient, and will also affect government revenues without a doubt. To address these issues along these lines, you should test the GSTIN of a new supplier each time to ensure the GST compiles properly.

Verify GSTIN online instantly

The remedy lies in the GST Search, a 100 percent online module, and the verification of GST numbers is just a few taps on your smartphone, and you are fed the details in seconds. There are two ways to search GSTIN online promptly:

  • Masters India GST Number Search Tool: simply enter the GSTIN or GST number in the search tab, in the correct format as shown above, and click on ‘Search and Verify GST Number’ to find GSTIN data. The GSTIN Verification tool collects the data directly from the GSTN portal and shows GSTIN search results.
  • Logging on to the GST portal: go to https:/ – click Search Taxpayers drop-down – click Search by GSTIN / UIN – enter the GST number in the search column listed on the invoice – enter the captcha shown and click Search.

GSTIN Structure:

This has also come to realize that the guys have built creative ways to trick people, and eventually the government. They simply put an alpha-numeric code against the heading of the GSTIN to dupe consumers, which is unquestionably like a GSTIN. Knowing how a GSTIN is designed to detect any misconduct is also important. Let us see what constitutes a GSTIN or GST number with 15 characters.

How to complain about fake GST No?

It come across the GSTIN and find some anomaly, you have to know you can be a whistleblower as well. You can search the GST Number on the website and let the authorities [Noida / Gurgaon] know by e-mailing them about any illegal activity and also call them at [email protected] +91 124 4688999/+91 120 4888999.

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