Finding new clients can be a big concern for freelancers. When you’re just getting started, it’s crucial. Even if you’ve been working as a freelancer for a while, you should realize the importance of keeping a few reliable clients in order to balance the effects of famine. Sending releases and getting referrals are two of the best ways for freelancers to set up new gigs, but you can also get freelancing clients from social media.

How to Get Freelancing Clients from Social Media

Most of us spend a lot of time on social media, why not use it to promote your freelance business? Read the article to see how to get freelancing clients from social media.


Tell Everyone What You Do

Update all your social media profiles to reflect the title of your work so that people know you are the person they are looking for. Add the link of your portfolio website in your bio or create a short professional biographical video to create an excellent first impression. To further strengthen your job bio, link your one social media profile to another (i. e. add your LinkedIn to your Facebook profile). Receiving referrals and recommendations from people also helps to get freelancing clients.

Interact People on Facebook

Facebook has turned out to be a hub for small businesses in recent years. And while the organic reach of Facebook pages has reached record levels. Facebook still has one of the most powerful advertising platforms (it posts ads directly to the type of customers you want to target) and it has an incredible group collection (try to join groups that you target). Facebook groups are widespread these days as they help connect people with interests, careers, etc.

Join freelancing Facebook groups in your niche and start interacting with other members of the group. Respond to other people’s messages, share tips, and even promote your own projects if allowed. Sometimes people even post leads and opportunities in the group for other freelancers. Last week I saw a post on one of my Facebook groups about someone looking for a writer to do a job, so I followed him. I would never have known about the job, if I was not part of the Facebook group. Therefore, Facebook groups can be of great use to get freelance clients.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

LinkedIn has always been an excellent tool for networking with people in your industry or finding a job. Recently, LinkedIn has become an incredible source for freelancers who are trying to get freelance clients. LinkedIn profiles tend to come at the top of search results when people search your name on Google (which almost all recruiters/employers do).

Having an outdated LinkedIn profile will restrain you from accomplishing your goals. Be sure to:

  • Include a summary that sells your most impressive and relevant skills and achievements
  • Keep your experience and skills up to date
  • Add your relevant work in the “work samples” area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLinkedIn.
  • Go further by adding recommendations from former employers/people you have worked with.

Showcase Visuals on Instagram

Based on the type of freelance work you do, you may find some platforms more comfortable to use than others. Instead of Facebook, freelance photographers may prefer Instagram because of its very visual nature. Use hashtags and networks with other creatives to generate word of mouth marketing and connect with new potential customers.

With Instagram, it’s easy to search for hashtags on just about anything. For example, if you’re interested in freelance writing, you can search for hashtags like #freelancewriter #copywriter #contentwriter #writingjobs on Instagram to get freelancing clients. This can be a great way to track companies that may be working for you in the future. Also, if there is a brand or website you’d like to work for, follow it on Instagram to keep updated about its activities.

Join Internet Marketing Events

If you really want to get social media clients with maximum efficiency, internet marketing events like LaunchCon and funnel hacking live are of a great benefit. It can be like taking fish out of a barrel – they gather the people who need your skills in one place. Your goal at these events is to be helpful and show your personality. Let them know that you are an expert in social media advertising or an expert in ClickFunnels and offer their advice. They will hire you on site.

Final Thought

Social media is a vital part of modern society, so it can be a significant platform to boost your freelance business and marketing strategies. Best of all, social media is free, so the return on investment potential is pretty incredible. Don’t waste plenty of time on social media to get freelancing clients. Just pick 2-3 of your favorite platforms and use them strategically for 20 to 30 minutes a week.

Meta Description: Most of us spend a lot of time on social media, why not use it to promote your freelance business? Let’s see how to get freelancing clients from social media.

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