The Ford Ranger has stormed back onto the scene, and has become one of the industry leaders in the mid-size class of pick up trucks. How was Ford able to make the Ranger have such a successful comeback? What new features and specifications does the Ranger offer? You will see why the Ranger has risen so quickly back to the top of it’s class. These are the questions that this article will answer. It will also serve as a Ford Ranger price guide.

What are the Specifications of the new Ford Ranger?

The Ranger was redesigned for both power and luxury, while also being a very economical choice for fuel efficiency. The Ranger comes in three different packages, the XL, the XLT, and Lariat. There are many different upgrades and additions that the Ranger may be purchased with. The Tremor package is built with outdoor written all over it.

The off road shock system and the all-new terrain management system allows drivers to feel in control of any type of terrain. FX packages also are built for off-road terrain with skid plates and rugged shocks. The STX and other performance parts packages give consumers unbelievable exterior features. There are many different packages and specifications that Ford Ranger is offering consumers, which is the main reason why it has become the best selling pickup truck in its class.

What is the price range of the Ford Ranger?

Another winning edge the Ford Ranger has on it’s side is the very affordable price. A super cab XL package with the lowest most basic option will cost about 24 thousand dollars and payments can easily be in the 200 dollar range a month. A four door or what is called a super crew cab in the XL package for those buyers who are looking for more room will start out priced at about 27 thousand dollars.

The Ford Ranger is very affordable for anyone looking for an outstanding pickup that will not break the bank to buy. The top of the line Ford Ranger with every option from the all new Ford Co Pilot to the Tremor off road package will obviously cost a little bit more money. A loaded Lariat package with all the available options will cost around 47 thousand dollars. The available features that a pick up truck like this would come with would blow away any consumer and meet all of their needs.

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Whatever it may be that has pulled you into thinking about buying a new pickup truck, the Ford Ranger should certainly be high on the list of considerations. The Ford family of trucks continues to produce the highest quality pickup trucks available. Since it has made its comeback, the Ford Ranger has fallen in line with the ever-popular Ford F-150 and F-250.

It offers anything and everything a pickup truck owner would want from luxury to tough rugged durability that can stand up to any terrain and get you around anywhere in every weather condition. For your next pickup truck think long and hard about a Ford Ranger.

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