Everyone has experience purchasing a product via online mode. It’s more like taking a virtual look at the product, which does not render its actual reality. But are the products genuine enough to be trusted just by having a glance at it?

It is quite necessary to make people rely on your product. You can do that by creating quality video ads. Today, you will know about some fantastic ideas for creating such content. We will talk about some features that you must include in your Facebook ads for Shopify.


Why support your product web pages with videos?

Videos are one of the most prominent ways to create a profound impact on customers. It clarifies minute details about the items if you build it in the right manner.

If you want to know about making the best video ads for your product, you are on the correct page. This article will give you full guidance to help you create the best content in various formats.

1. Video in which a person is holding the product

Including a short video about how to use the product will help you manifest what it is all about. Such videos present numerous traits of the item, like a quality check, trademark, and company logo.

For example, if the product is a bag, try showing its price tag, discount offers, special edition, etc. People are very particular about the compartments and color. If you make such a video, they will get an idea about how that product will look on them. Hence, according to their taste, they will be able to make better decisions.

2. Videos that show how you can use the item

If the products demand its description, then satisfy it by making a video. It will help describe your customers about how to handle that material in day-to-day life.

It helps viewers to see the product as a working model for completing a task. It further helps them get a more unobstructed view about its functionality, and they can set their expectations accordingly.

3. Close shot of the product

If some crucial points and attributes require discussion with the user, you need such a detailed video. By showing the complete information, viewers understand the minute details and description of the item. Your product can have a variety of features and unique details, which makes it a very premium and prominent product.

Hence, try making such kind of video wherever you feel it is necessary. It enhances the peak features of your product.

4. A smooth setup guide video

Suppose your products are sporty equipment like a treadmill or some elegant furniture. An easy setup guide for installation will be beneficial to buyers. Also, the compilation of the pieces will be a hassle-free procedure. Such videos will help them assemble the parts with perceptible instruction. It will help them know about the working of the item after completing the setup.

But make sure the video is not too long and should comprise simple steps. Or else it might become scary for your viewers. Make it short and sweet.

5. A video depicting a short story

If you desire to offer a personality to the product, a short story video is the best content that you can create.

Depict the story of how a regular customer will use this product in their day-to-day life. Build an astonishing narrative that focuses on the past and different use of that item. Such videos tell the story of your product. Besides, it acquaints the viewers about the importance of the commodity.

Shopify video ads will come in handy to make the above type of video. You can edit your video, ensuring the design incorporates the brand. The font, color, brand identity, and audio levels will be some of the great options available.

6. Behind the curtain video

It is showing the viewer what it takes to make a product in the background. Everyone knows about the final outcome, but if you talk about the struggle behind that outcome, people will feel connected.

These videos are one of the ample options if you feel your product lacks enough features to brag about.

E.g., in the clothing industry, why are some of the brands so costly? They show the collection of refined quality of the cotton used and the delicate tailor stitches knitting them together in a world-class collection.It makes people understand where their hard-earned money is going. Hence, they rely on the brand and become a regular buyer.

Platforms to post your commercial videos

Now you are done with making the quality videos required. The next question is where to stream these videos? Doing a good promotion is the most crucial part of promoting your venture.

  • YouTube:It is not only for entertainment. Brand occupancy on YouTube will grant you an audience that will increase your profits immensely. All you have to do is to build high-quality content. And you are capable of doing it as you know the six best methods of producing video content.
  • Social media: This platform is more affectionate to videos than content. Utilizing this platform is a golden opportunity to captivate more and a new number of audiences. Besides, due to the large crowd, this platform can be advantageous for you.
  • Advertisements: Video ads are a significant way of the advertising market. Substantial capital investment recovers the revenue just by making some relevant ads. You can place these ads on several places like websites, blogs, etc. Make sure that you make the right choice, and the site that you choose has good traffic.


Getting started with dropshipping business requires a lot of hard work. You might have gone through some fantastic free dropshipping courses but that is not all. You need to create some really outstanding ads that can attract customers.

Now you know the best ways to create a video ad for your endeavor, you can take the next step. You can now start making such videos that will prove to be a crucial element for a successful venture.

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