Despite the widespread digitalization, despite the condemnation of advertising on banners due to the impossibility of calculating the effectiveness of such placement, outdoor advertising still works.

But it only works for 5% of advertisers. For the remaining 95%, it simply adds brightness to the city and information noise to its inhabitants. No more. If you are thinking of renting a 3×6 billboard to place a banner on it, read these simple rules first to get the most out of your banner ads, not just waste your budget. You may also like to hire a Laser marking machine expert to make a durable and metal based banner.


Rule 1: Principle of White Space

There should be “air” on the banner, and the more there is, the better. And do not think that if the billboard is 18m2, then you can roam there and tell about all your promotions and advantages. The percentage of the area occupied by text and graphics should be the same regardless of the size of the advertising surface. In fact, at least 60-70% of the banner should be occupied simply by an unobtrusive, or better, a solid background.

Agree, the one on the right will be remembered faster?

Rule 2: One banner – one message

Don’t overcomplicate. You create colossal difficulties for a potential client: to see your poster in the city, read, become interested, remember, make a decision. But he didn’t need you at all. Therefore, we always advertise only one offer: the most attractive, the most “delicious”. If you think that icons, tags, footnotes, subheadings are a harmless addition that will only decorate the banner, then forget it. This is not true. Feel free to give up everything that is secondary.

Why go to the salon on the right is understandable. And what is the advantage of being on the left?

Rule 3: One banner – one visual

Don’t make a collage out of the banner. And do not add pictures with a huge amount of small details to it. It will simply not be caught, and the money will be wasted. You need ONE image to complement your special offer, and the clearer, simpler and more concise it is, the better.

On the right, is the powder advertised, and on the left – water or tomatoes?

Rule 4: brevity is the sister of talent

You’ve come up with a headline that should grab all the attention. Now re-read it and cut it in half at least. It should be as short as possible. In order for us to have the opportunity to make it large and for your client to have time to read it.

Which of the ideas on the left can you catch? But on the left there are no alternatives – either yes or no.

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Rule 5: Once contact. Point

Do not try to cram all your work and personal phone numbers, website address, e-mail, skype, whatsapp on the banner. Understand, a person only, well in a very acute need, will have time to grasp the essence of your proposal and remember the phone number. And the number should then be something like 222-333. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense.

Outdoor advertising works for recognition. Your task is to be remembered by the consumer. If they remember the name, they will easily find you on the Internet. By name. Therefore, take care that you are on the Internet.

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