To change the properties of a conference room mailbox, click the Edit button and choose one of the available sections. The name of the resource mailbox appears in the Exchange admin center and in the organization’s address book. The room mailbox’s email address is read-only by default, but you can change it in the Email Address section. In Outlook, go to Tools > Options > Mailboxes.


How to Cancel a Conference Room Meeting in Outlook?

Using Outlook’s calendaring functionality, you can cancel a Conference room software Outlook meeting and have it appear on your personal calendar. Meetings can be moderated or auto-accepted. For best results, set up meeting rooms as Resources, so that the meeting request is automatically accepted. You can select a conference room from your Global Address List to add it to your calendar. Without a Resource, the meeting request will not show up on your calendar or be forwarded to delegates.

Cancel a conference room meeting in Outlook by using the settings on the control panel. On the meeting room calendar, you can see the name of the organiser, the subject of the meeting, and the original recipients. If you choose to remove the meeting from the calendar, you should also delete the event from the controller and calendar associated with the room. Once you have cancelled the meeting, you can restore the room to your calendar.

Deleted Items Folder

To get back your conference room meeting, you can use the Deleted Items folder. Many canceled meetings end up in this folder, so you should check this folder first. Sometimes, the Deleted Items folder is not immediately cleared. To recover deleted items, open the canceled meeting entry and click Copy to My Calendar. Repeat the process until you find the canceled conference room meeting in your calendar. After all, this can take quite a while.

Person or Organization Informing

You can also cancel a conference room meeting in Outlook by selecting the ‘Cancel’ button. It’s possible to choose a message to send to the person or organization informing them of your cancellation. A message will be sent to the person who sent the request. The message will be sent to everyone on the meeting room calendar and removed from your personal calendar. In addition to deleting the meeting, you can also update the date or time of the meeting.

Using the Cancel button in Outlook allows you to send a message to the attendees to let them know that the meeting has been canceled. The “Cancel Meeting” button opens a new window with the meeting cancellation information. Outlook allows you to send a text message to the attendees. If you want to send a message to the participants, make sure you type the message clearly. Once you’ve sent your message, your meeting will be deleted.

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Powerful Resource Management Tool

If you’re in need of conference room software for your office, the best choice is EMS. This platform turns the basic capabilities of Outlook into a powerful resource management tool. EMS is enterprise-class resource management software that powers entire work environments. It can power your entire business by simplifying the management of meeting rooms. With EMS, you’ll be able to manage bookings, track booking status, and more – all from a single central location.

Once installed, conference room software for Outlook can help you manage and reserve meeting rooms in an easy-to-use interface. This software will automatically add meeting requests to each room resource’s calendar, and let you moderate and approve them. It’s best to set up each room in the Global Address List in this way so that meeting requests don’t end up on the calendar or forwarded to delegates. You can also add more than one room to the same account.


ROOM MANAGER can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 on mobile. It offers modern Add-ins for Outlook, and it’s marked as a preferred solution on Microsoft’s AppSource. Its software works seamlessly with Microsoft’s Outlook platform, allowing you to search for and book meeting rooms in a few clicks. Moreover, you can schedule multiple rooms at once, which will make your life easier!

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