Proctoring is very important to ensure that exams are conducted reliably and credibly. Traditionally, it used to be invigilator’s duty to keep a tab on the candidates’ activities during the exam to catch hold of any suspicious activities. They make sure everything happens in an orderly manner. As the job of the proctor is very crucial, they need to have the required skills and knowledge so that they can fulfil their role. It is a usually tedious task to find the right proctor at the right place. Not always it is possible to have the qualified proctor for the job at the required location and for this purpose the institutions have to make arrangements in order to make them available. This is a cumbersome task that is required in traditional proctoring. But with the advent of technological advancements, this scenario has been completely changed.

Now Remote Proctoring is a new way that has taken over the traditional proctoring. With the increasing demand for online exams or certification programs have led to the popularity of online remote proctoring. Online remote proctoring ensure that exams are conducted online with all the integrity. This means under online remote proctoring, all the necessary steps are taken to ensure exams are conducted hassles free and in a credible manner. The remote online proctoring at every step ensures that authentication is maintained and also makes sure no candidate is involved in any cheating activities. There are various reasons that more and more people are opting out for online remote proctoring. These are explained as below:

  • Independent of Location: Remote online proctoring ensures that every candidate can give exam irrespective of their location. The candidates, while staying in their remote location, can easily undertake the exam. All one need is a good internet connection, mic and web camera and you are all set to go. Remote proctoring can take place into a number of situations. It works according to the convenience of the user.
  • Increase Agility: In the case of traditional proctoring, the candidates are required to reach the exam centre before an hour or so, and various steps were required to fulfil until one can finally give the exam. It involved lots of time, money and also a human resource to keep the process going. But with online proctoring, this situation has now been completely eliminated. All the steps that were earlier required to fulfill are now reduced to 2-3, which does not involve many efforts. All the verification and authentication of the candidate is done through technology that does not take more than a few minutes. Hence it led to increase agility.
  • Secure: Many people have questioned whether the remote proctoring offers the same reliability as in case of traditional proctoring. The answer to such a question is yes, as online remote proctoring ensures authenticity and integrity. Online remote proctoring are of three types. These are:
  1. Online proctoring
  2. Recorded Online proctoring
  3. Automated online proctoring

All these are highly equipped to ensure that there are no chances of any cheating activities. All are efficient enough to notice the suspicious behavior of the candidate. Institution can choose as per their requirement what type is to choose. Nevertheless all the types ensure that exams are conducted in the secure manner.

  • Cost Efficient:
  • The remote proctoringis a more cost effective manner to conduct the exams. It is cost effective to both the institution and the candidate. The institution does have to make arrangements of the proctors and their accommodation and the exam centre. For candidate they need not to travel the long distances to take the exam, they can give at the convenience of their home. This thus leads to cost saving from both the sides.
  • Scalability: Remote proctoring ensures the scalability. Now more and more people can undertake the exam at any place. Earlier people used to avoid as they were located now remote in locations. Now with the advent remote proctoring the exams can be conducted all over with so much ease.

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Hence these are some of the reasons to choose remote proctoring over traditional proctoring. However, in order to reap the benefits of the online proctoring, one must understand how it actually works.

Online proctoring records every movement of candidate from the beginning of the exam till it gets over. They don’t only perform this function via video but also captures images, desktop screen and chat logs. Through these, everything is taken care of to notice any suspicious activity such as leaving the room, change in the eye movement etc. Certain rules and regulations are required to be fulfilled for undertaking the exam. These rules and regulation include:

  • The most basic is to display the government issued identity card or college id card by the candidate to prove their identity.
  • Candidate must be aware that no electronic devices, study material, pen drive, smart watch etc. everything is prohibited. In case the candidate is found to be using them, will lead to cancellation of the exam.
  • They also need to make sure that there must be no noise in the background. And also, no other web page or application except the required software is to be opened.
  • It is prohibited to close or to minimize the exam window. It will ultimately lead to closing of exam and the candidate will no longer be able to take the exam.
  • Candidate must ensure that there is internet connectivity, web camera and mic available. These are pre requisite for undertaking of the exam.

These are the mandatory guidelines that need to be followed on the part of candidate to ensure the smoothing running of the exam. It will provide the candidate with the surety that exam will be conducted without any disturbance.

Hence summing we can say that it is time for everyone to adopt remote online proctoring for conducting online exams. There are reasons already mentioned above validate this point. It will lead to more quicker and efficient conducting the online exam . Hence choose it today.

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