Mac users often feel very bottlenecked in terms of functionality of their system. True, mac poses a lot of sophistication and ease of use, but there is definitely an evident gap in restrictions posed by the software.

Many apps that are functional everywhere else are non functional on a Mac. There are many utilities that are essential for the functioning of a business or profession, but don’t see a light of the day in a Mac.

Faxes are an essential utility for smooth functioning of a business. There are many vital and easily operative software and apps that allow faxing facilities without having a fax machine. When it comes to fax software mac is extremely constricted in allowing such software and apps to run.

But, there is a software that can make even the extremely sophisticated and restrictive Mac enjoy the flexibility of sending and receiving Faxes. No fax machine is needed and this is a super convenient way of ensuring that Macs too can engage in fax exchanges.

How to Choose Service to Fax from Mac


 CocoFax- The perfect way to send and receive faxes through a Mac

CocoFax is a dynamic faxing solutions with gadgets no bar. The convenience of this software can be surmised from the fact that even Mac can be used to send out faxes through CocoFax. Being an online fax service, CocoFax offers the fax compatibility that most businesses seek.

CocoFax has earned a worldwide patronage as it has been a reliable online faxing platform. The services of CocoFax are not limited to Mac, but are inclusive of all work platforms. This includes Windows or Mac platforms, smartphones and any other device that has internet connectivity.


Why Choose CocoFax over other online faxing apps

When surfing on the internet, you would find and discover many apps providing online faxing services. Most of such apps will be flooded with false claims. CocoFax is the easiest and portable function to send and receive fax, without buying a fax machine.

There are a number of reasons why CocoFax is most preferred over other remote faxing softwares. Below are some vital reasons that will give you an insightful picture of this platform:


The multiplicity of CocoFax’s usage makes it a winner. It can be used on any platform that has internet connectivity. When a software works on an extremely picky platform like Mac, it is a proof in itself that the software is very inclusive.

The compatibility of CocoFax with all leading platforms makes it very incredible. Be it laptops, windows or Mac or the iphones and Android phones, CocoFax is amazing in its usage.


Fax services are extremely preferred because of their security. When it comes to sending across an important document, fax is the most preferred method. So, as there is a sending and receiving of vital documents attached, trusting any other app is not a viable option.

CocoFax offers a much needed reliability needed for sending across a fax. It is a trusted platform that makes sending and receiving faxes a very safe process. There is no leakage of crucial information and you can be assured that the desired fax has been received.

30 day Free Trial

CocoFax also offers a 30 day free trial. The time is sufficient enough to assess the faxing ability of the App. Further, the app does not pose any charges if the subscription is cancelled within the 30 day time frame.

Regardless of this facility, once you try CocoFax, you wouldn’t seek any other online faxing facility. This alternative is so prompt and efficient that it is more convenient than a real fax machine as well.

Delivery Notification

CocoFax also sends a delivery notification when the fax has been received by the recipient. This way, the sender can be sure of the intended delivery. CocoFax is a foolproof way of sending faxes.

The only time when a fax is not delivered is when the fax machine is turned off and not active or the fax number is incorrect. Otherwise, a fax when initiated through CocoFax reaches the final destination.

How to use CocoFax to Fax through Mac

There are two major modes through which you can fax through a Mac. You have the option of faxing from Mac using a Web Browser. You can use the built in browser, Safari to access the web browser of CocoFax.

The second alternative is to fax through email. It is a very convenient mode as it doesn’t interfere with official communication. You can use your general communication mode of emailing and fax can just be a part of it.

CocoFax can be used on any preferable platform that has internet connectivity. This inclusivity of multiple alternatives of faxing makes CocoFax desirable and convenient. It has emerged as the most reliable faxing solution.

Whether you use the Web browser or use email to send and receive faxes, the convenience that CocoFax offers is unparalleled. It is dynamic in its conduct.


It can be a little bewildering to ensure which Fax software Mac is compatible with. Despite the bottlenecks most apps and software feel with Mac, CocoFax combats all hurdles and makes the app immensely efficient on Mac.

There are a plethora of benefits that CocoFax has to offer with regard to flexibility, trust worthiness and security, it is a very sought after mode to fax through. Faxes have retained an inadmissible value despite many more inventions and technology in business communication.

CocoFax is an answer to business faxing woes. The dilatory procedures and mailing risks of damages and losses by postal messages are covered by faxes. Sending and receiving faxes has never been so easy as opposed to other conventional and modern methods.

While Mac owners struggle with compatibility with a bunch of efficient softwares and apps, CocoFax stands the elite test for Mac as well. Be it accessing the web browser on safari or using emails for sending fax, CocoFax is the one stop shop for fax issues.

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