If you think we are heading towards a coronavirus free world then let us explain to you how it works. The havoc caused by the pandemic will stay with us. Especially the changes brought by the coronavirus in the business world would not leave us anytime soon. Consequently, people should start adapting the “new normal” that includes working from home, studying from home, wearing masks, and social distancing at all costs.

While the truth is that some of the states in the United States have lifted the pandemic restrictions, but the fear of getting infected and causing another major spread of the virus still exists in the country.

This fear will ensure that even if coronavirus diminishes, it would not leave our minds. Even if we reach the post-pandemic days in a couple of months, nothing would change per se.

Considering all of this, the marketing industry would also be expected to live and function in the coronavirus world. While the marketing industry has managed to overcome the biggest challenges by changing work processes, there are still many aspects that the marketing industry needs to start learning.

As the marketers have learned that they can no longer use their old marketing tactics to promote their brands, the following actions might help their business in the coronavirus market:


Change Your Bios

There are a lot of changes that might have become part of your business operations since the pandemic spread. For instance, many businesses are no longer providing their clients with delivery service; instead only pickup option is available. Therefore, if you want your clients to remain updated about your business changes then you need to inform them first through your bio.

These days social media profiles are the fastest ways for clients to learn about a business. Therefore, whatever changes your business has endured throughout this time or is thinking of carrying forward should be mentioned in your bio.

Take Best Buy for example. It is now only providing pickup service but has not referenced this information in their Twitter bio. This will cause major discomfort to the clients that would learn about this information in some other way.

Other than this you should make sure that you use your social media profiles to keep your clients updated about business, you can use pinned posts on Twitter and Facebook and highlight Instagram for this purpose.

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Try to Listen Harder

These times you should not shy away from making efforts to satisfy your clients and provide them the service they are looking for. Take Spectrum, for example, The renowned cable TV and Internet service provider in the United States was quick to understand the need of its customer during the peak of coronavirus. Due to coronavirus, hundreds of students in the country were left at the mercy of the internet for consuming education through online channels. However, most Americans suffer from slow internet service or no internet service at all. In such desperate times, the Spectrum internet provided high-speed internet service to households with students for free up to 60 days.

Along with this amazing gesture, Spectrum service kept on providing an affordable source of entertainment with its Spectrum TV Select channels and affordable cable TV packages.

Post with Purpose

The time we live in and the time we are heading towards is not meant for posting without purpose. While you can be lighthearted and funny for the sake of audience engagement of your business profiles you should remain sensitive to the core as well. This is because the coronavirus pandemic has affected all aspects of the lives of common people. Not only has the virus damaged health but it has also damaged the financial status of many.

Therefore, make sure your intention of social media posting is clear and should provide benefits to the audience.

For example, you should determine what your post is about and what is the targeted audience? You should also know whether your post is informative for the audience.

However, mostly, you should always be considerate about the emotional aspect of social media posting attached to the audience’s point of view.

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