Invoicing is a tedious task. You have to do it every time you need to alert a client for payment. The job that mostly happens at the end of the week or month is tiring, and you have to take your time to do it correctly. No one wants to miss a payment.

Whether you own a company or just a freelancer, you will want an easy way to do things. That is why we want you to learn more about where you can get free templates that have everything arranged for you.

All you need to think about is what to put in since the guideline is already there for you. There are articles for invoice generators online, and one of the intuitive ones is WeInvoice, all the way from Singapore.


WeInvoice Has Free Invoice Templates in Different Formats

It’s easier if you are just connected to the internet via your computer and loading a ready-made template just for you. That is how WeInvoice demonstrates that the world can be smoother if you have the right tools with you.

WeInvoice Has Free Invoice Templates in Different Formats

It’s a website that has customized templates for individuals, small businesses, and organizations as well. There is a free trial period for you, but after that, you only need to pay less than $5 to use it for the whole year.

That’s how WeInvoice extends a budget-friendly hand while being well-arranged and ready-to-use templates. It’s possible to customize the templates according to your needs. That goes for all aspects, from coloring to what you need on the invoice and how to send it.

You get the following formats for your invoices on WeInvoice:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • PDF

We are used to these applications, and now, you can have an invoice template based on what you utilize. Now, it’s easier to worry about the names and figures since the structure is there, and you can present it in the favored format.

Once you fill in, it’s possible to save the details and the invoice too with WeInvoice. When you are inputting the details later, the website will recall what you entered last time. It’s also possible to download, upload to your cloud, share the link or send via email.   

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WeInvoice Template Examples

Auto Repair: If you are a mechanic or a car dealer, you already have too much to deal with on your plate. Having a website like WeInvoice will help you draw the templates later when getting the hard-earned money.  

Hotels: It’s superb if guests at your hotel receive their bills on their devices while still resting. All they have to do is tap those phones and tablets, and everything from reading the statement to payments is done swiftly. WeInvoice will help you deliver a well-structured bill.  

Graphic Design: As you polish the view on your computer, WeInvoice has a matching invoice for you to show what you are charging. Your transactions will be on a template that meets your design expectations.

Freelance: If a business or an organization has not hired you, you need a way to invoice your clients and keep track of the payments. That is how your clients know that you are a serious worker despite being under no one.

Sales: You can have more time to attend to new clients and chase new business prospects since the business invoice template is already on WeInvoice. Once you get the deal, it’s all about filling in the right figures and details and then sharing with your clients via their devices.

Why Should You Go for WeInvoice Free Invoice Templates?

It’s a Web-Based Invoice Generator

The templates are there and ready for your download. It’s also possible to fill in on the website using the Invoice Generator. Everything is well-placed and labeled, which means you’ll have a shorter time to fill and send. Since the design is already there for you, it’s less likely to make errors.

Ease of Access and Use

You only need the internet to reach WeInvoice. There is no downloading of software here, and the interface is user-friendly. You can have invoices in different languages if you are addressing international clients in other geographical locations.

WeInvoice supports five international languages.

Multiple Formats

We have already discussed them above, and it’s also possible to go to the cloud and use the G-Suite applications. Whether you want a PDF, Doc, Docx, or excel format, WeInvoice has that covered for you.

Handling Multiple Clients

If you have ten clients to invoice, drawing the guideline every time will consume more hours. WeInvoice provides the template for you so that you can worry about the rest. Now, what you had to do for about three hours takes less than an hour.


You only need one template to address all your invoice concerns, from the charges to calculating the taxes. Once you upload it on the internet, sharing requires a few clicks only to get it done. With the pandemic rising, that’s how you can save the costs.

WeInvoice is Professional

This is an invoice template website that provides them for free, and they match every criterion. Whether you are a freelancer or a CEO, this is a website that will meet your status if not upgrade.

Since you can change everything from color to what’s in the details, you can always match your company’s code of conduct and organization.


Now, it’s a matter of addressing what you need in your invoice since the templates are there. If you don’t have one yet, read more about online templates and join WeInvoice to get the best designs for your work.

Don’t worry anymore about how your invoice will look since that is already sorted out. This website has already solved the problem, and it also assists you in sharing and alerting your clients. 

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