Undoubtedly, online multiplayer or group games can match the time when kids and adults, all of us went around the block with our folks and spent the entire day playing games. But, in times when people spend most of their time indoors, these multiplayer games make the best substitute for outdoor games. In this post, First Games brings you a list of the 10 best group games to play online with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Tambola– Tambola has always been one of the favourite indoor games in Indian households especially played at get together and at family functions. Undeniably this game offers super fun when played offline, but its online version is equally superb and engaging. Played by all age groups, this game is an Indian version of Bingo and one of the best group games to play online.

Angry Birds– This game has another level of user base when it comes to playing a group or multiplayer game. Now it has come with new modifications, and an online mode, voila. If you want to enjoy this game, just download it and play it whenever and wherever you want. The game keeps its players excited and engaged throughout the session and never allows them to get out of the loop. Play your game to have quality time with your family and friends. You can download this game from Google Playstore and Apple Playstore. 

Loodo– Online loodo games are one the best ways to spend a splendid time with friends and colleagues and even family members. Traditional loodo games used to allow only players at a time, but the online version enables 5 or even 6 players at the same time. So, you can say this game is not just exciting, but also welcomes maximum numbers of players to slay their gaming skills and expertise. You can win exciting cash rewards by playing this ultimate game. Download this game from Apple Playstore and Google Playstore.

Poker– Poker is one of the card games you would never like to miss playing with your friends and family. As said, it is one of the best group games to play online wherever you want to play. At get-togethers or family functions, you can sit with your family members and spend quality time with them. There are multiple types of games you can choose from- TEXAS HOLD’EM, OMAHA, 7-CARD STUD, 5-CARD DRAW and many more. Online poker India is available on Google Playstore and Apple Playstore. 

Rummy– Rummy is one of the card games in India that brings together friends and family for a fun time. Playing rummy games gets entertainment and keeps challenging its players in ways that keep them coming back again and again. This game has multiple variants and to enjoy it in the best way, you should choose the type you can play like a pro. Deal Rummy, Points Rummy, and Cash Rummy is a few types, and if you want to play it for money, ensure you have not opted for a free game. 

Call Break– Call Break is a card which is easy to play and immensely popular in South Asian nations like Nepal and India. It includes the use of a single deck of cards. It is a skill-based game that involves trumps, bidding and tricks. One of the best group games to play online is a round-based game that brings excitement to the next level. If you want to win this game efficiently, quickly assess how many tricks are possible and then bid accordingly. Keeping close eyes on your opponent’s moves will help you plan your next tricks and bids. 

PUBG– Player’s Unknown Battleground is also known as PUBG, one of the most played group games in the last few years in India. The game allows more than you think, play, chat, converse and kill. Drive a bike, a car or a para-glide your way to the target and kill your target. Chosen by over 1 billion players, it’s a free battle royale game. The game brings endless series of excitement throughout the game and thus never keeps you boring. Download this game from Apple Playstore and Google Playstore.

Psych– If you love having fun, interacting, and revealing in a game, it’s Psych. It’s a combo of 4 games, each on a different theme, where you will be able to submit answers to anonymous questions along with your friends. You can check your friend’s knowledge of things and which can be spiced if the answers are right. A game especially purposed to play on events and party nights can be practised from different locations. You can download this game from Apple Playstore and Google Playstore.

Plato– Want to play a classic multiplayer game, you can possibly find it on the Plato chat app. The collection of 30 games includes Battleship, UNO, and a bunch of the most popular card games. You can play these games with around 100 friends, perfect for game nights with coursemates and family members. Since this app has multiple games, you choose your game as per your and your friend’s interests. Plato comes in 9th position in our list of 10 best group games to play online. 

Time Heist– This online multiplayer game pits two time-travelling teams fighting against each other in a battle of wits. Each team selects a captain, who is the only player to look at the screen throughout the game. The captains must have teams that can predict the answer of real trivia based on the category, century, and description. You can play in Regular, Fast, and Legend modes. Play to your best strengths and may the best team win. Guess the answers with confidence and emerge the winner every time.


If you love playing online games, here is a collection of the 10 best group games to play online. In fact, the real excitement and adventure in virtual gaming comes when you have opponents, or better say best opponents. If you play these games who already have played will bring more anticipation in the game, else these games can be played and there is no bar on what kind of players should be there.  

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