Intrauterine insemination is a procedure that involves the injection of sperm into the wall of the uterus. The innovative technology is recommended by doctors for couples who are struggling with infertility.

The ultimate goal of the technique is to enhance the probability of mobile sperms moving towards the women’s tube for zygote formation. In comparison with the IVF technology, the IUI is quite less amount and has an increased chance of fertilization. The technology has now been used for several factors including mid-male problems, when you are using the donor, when there is an issue in the intercourse, etc.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of going for IUI treatment:

Before moving to the benefits, let us know the procedure in a few steps:

  • Identifying the ovulation period and the right period of fertilization
  • Collecting semen and rinsing well
  • Insertion of mobile sperm into the uterus



  • Increases the sperm quality

Here comes the first advantage to choose the treatment. The washing procedure in the IUI treatment will enhance the quality and motility of the sperm so that it stimulates the possibility of zygote formation and fertilization.

  • Less stress to the person

Unlike the IVF treatment where there are many medications and aggressive procedures, the IUI technique is quite less expensive. Additionally, it will not have much stress on the person you are working on. The gentle conditions for the patients will help in enhancing the body conditions post-procedure and thus most of the patients opt for this procedure before moving to the harsh technology.

  • technique is short time

Here comes another advantage of using the IUI technique. The processing time is quite less in comparison to the other types of invasive techniques, the full time goes to around 60-90 minutes. The technique can be done without ultra-guidance sometimes and the specialist will ask the patient to sit for some time to finish the technique. The procedure involves pushing the catheter through the tube. In the end, the sperm is injected inside the uterus. Once the procedure is done, you don’t have to stay at the hospital and this is the best procedure.

  • Elevating the chance of fertilization

The IUI technique is quite less stressful as there are high fertilization chances. The washing step of the sperm will eliminate the prostaglandins, agents that interrupt the fertilization process, non-motile sperms and other issues regarding the quality. Thus, only the healthy and motile sperms are extracted and sent into the uterus. Due to this, you can get fertility chances in comparison to non-invasive procedures.


When you are planning for the parenting process and struggling in the final step, then select the IUI treatment as it has the above-mentioned benefits. Your doctor will make the health test before he recommends this procedure.

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