Writing prompts are perfect devices to get your pen scribbling or keyword tap-tap-tapping, whichever you prefer. But did you know for an aspiring writer, writing prompts help in more ways than one?

That’s true.

In this post, let’s elaborate more on how writing prompts are nothing less than magical wands for young minds with a lot of creativity to dispense.


#1 They help you come up with an idea for a book

Many aspiring writers have a powerful urge to write and they’re even gifted with the skillset for it. The only trouble is they have a tough time coming up with a story or topic on which to write a book.

Writing prompts to the rescue! They can stir up a lot of stories, ideas and premises in your head. And thus lead you out of the maze that is your thoughts and into a clear meadow. You will have more clarity about what you want to base a book on.

Pick up some prompts from different genres and work with them.

Something is likely to come up.

#2 They can help you out of writer’s block

All writers, beginners and seasoned ones alike have stumbled upon the perilous paths of the notorious town called “Writer’s Block”.

If/when you find yourself here, your immediate reaction is despair and it’s better to drive yourself out of it as soon as possible.

A great way to do that is to play with some writing prompts. They will jump-start your writing process and make the gears in the creative side of your brain shift.

Before you know it, you’ll be back on the bandwagon and writing away at your heart’s content.

#3 They enhance your creative writing skills

Uncountable novices during their journey as a writer have taken the help of creative writing prompts to develop and hone their writing skills.

The more you write, the better you get. Keeping your journal is an option too, but daily activities only rarely produce enough material on which to write.

So turning to creative writing prompts to refine and master your creative writing is an all too common phenomenon, one you must surely give a shot.

#4 You can experiment with different genres and pick your favourite

Oftentimes, declaring a preferred genre in writing is like picking a major. Some writers smoothly happen to know the genre they want to primarily write about, while others struggle with it.

If you are still at the dawn of your career and no particular genre has caught your eye, experimenting with writing prompts from different genres may just help you arrive at the one you prefer.

For eg,

  • Horror/thriller prompt- Write about your last nightmare.
  • Sci-fi prompt- You live in a dystopian world where the insects have taken over the world and become the superior species.
  • Memoir writing prompt- Write about a traumatic experience from your past.

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