It’s no secret that taxes in the USA have gone from being practically unheard of to one of the biggest nuisances in every American’s life!

But this presents an opportunity for someone looking to count on a new career. There are plenty of tax preparer jobs available for anyone looking to earn a lucrative income with a career change.

But how do you get started as a tax professional? How do you qualify to find jobs in tax preparation?

Here’s what you need to know.


Basic Qualifications for Tax Preparer Jobs

If you wish to pursue a career as a professional tax preparer, you should first consider pursuing a degree in Accounting or Finance.

A Bachelor’s degree is sufficient but a Master’s degree puts you ahead of the competition. An alternative is to apply for a tax prep certificate that helps you learn the fundamentals of tax preparation.

You also need to learn different software skills to succeed as a professional tax preparer.

You should learn spreadsheet programs such as Numbers or Microsoft Excel. It’s also ideal to learn different tax preparation software programs.

Make sure you also have excellent mathematical and analytical skills. You’ll have to spend hours reading the latest tax code. As this always changes, make sure you dedicate time for continued education.

You have to become an expert with the tax code and understand how you can benefit your clients within the confines of the law.

How to Help Your Clients

Next, you want to consider how you’ll help your clients with their tax obligations.

Your clients will expect you to legally reduce their tax burden as much as possible. As such, you want to understand the loopholes in the tax code to assist them.

You might suggest how your clients can use deductions to reduce their company’s tax burdens. This will especially be crucial for your clients who are self-employed as freelancers.

If you have clients that have families, they’ll want to know if they qualify for child tax credits or other tax rebates.

Most clients don’t care to learn the intricacies of the tax code. Nevertheless, you should educate your clients on how they can remain tax compliant.

You want to advise them on how they can reduce their tax burden and the best practices to ensure compliance.

Make sure you communicate regularly with your clients. They’ll want to receive updates on the status of their tax returns. They’ll want to get reminded of when they’ll have to provide you with their financial information.

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Look for Tax Preparer Jobs

If you follow the steps in this guide, you’ll be ready to qualify for tax preparer jobs.

Make sure you first focus on your education. You can pursue a college degree in Accounting or Finance. It’s also wise to take a tax preparation course to receive a professional certification.

You want to ensure your clients that you’ll reduce their tax burden. You’ll have to understand how the tax code can benefit their financial situation. Make sure you focus on regular communication with your clients.

You can find more tips on becoming a professional tax preparer on our website!

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