Maurice Lacroix has been in the market for a very long time now, and since then, they have produced some high-quality items that come with a cheap price. That is one of the main reasons this brand has been famous these days. However, even though they are producing high-quality watches, there are still some who stand out.

Those specific few are deemed as the best of all the cheap timepieces that they have ever produced. So if you are looking for an astonishing and elegant watch but do not have the luxury to purchase those expensive ones, then this list is for you! Everything on this list will not be amounting to more than $1000. So, better keep reading and check them out.


MAURICE LACROIX Aikon Chronograph 44mm Quartz White Dial Men’s Watch

Since this is the watch that will start this list, it is customary to start it with the most expensive one. Don’t worry. This will not be as expensive as you might think it would be. With a price range of about $900 up to $999, you would be able to buy an elegant and unique Maurice Lacroix watch that will make you feel luxurious whenever you wear it.

It has a color combination of white and gold, which gives it a luxurious feeling for a price that would not make a hole in your pockets and scratch your credit cards. However, the best feature that this timepiece offers is that it is a quartz type watch and has a water resistance of about 100 meters. For less than $1000, you will have a gorgeous piece.

MAURICE LACROIX Eliros Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch

The one on this list is the MAURICE LACROIX Eliros Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch. If you are a keen fan of a classic-looking watch with a leather strap, then you should look at this masterpiece. It has everything that a classic timepiece enthusiast would love. You can say that this watch will satisfy your old school soul.

With a price range of about $700 up to $800 only, you could buy a Maurice Lacroix masterpiece that has been specifically made for all the people who love the good old days. Don’t worry. Even if it is designed to look like a genuine classic timepiece, it is still made with some of the best materials available. This makes it a piece for all time.

It has a Crocodile/Alligator leather strap that brings comfort to anyone who wears it. Even if you have a long day and forgot to take it off, it would not be a problem. You will still feel comfortable wearing this piece. It also has a casing made with pure stainless steel to ensure durability and make sure that it will last for a prolonged time.

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MAURICE LACROIX Aikon Quartz Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Another classic looking timepiece made by Maurice Lacroix that would make you feel like you live in the old days is this. You can say that all the manufacturers and designers of this fantastic brand have an old soul because they always make sure that all the watches they are producing will give out that 90s vibes to anyone who wants to buy it.

Yes, it still has that 90s vibe, but the blue and silver color combination gives it its futuristic look. This piece was also made with a pure stainless steel material so you would not need to worry even if it gets damp, and the Calfskin leather strap sealed the deal on this piece.

But those are not the only things that Maurice Lacroix is most proud of. The best thing about this masterpiece is that it is amicable for your budget since it only has a price range of about $500 up to $600. Cheap, right? Don’t let the price fool you. Even if it is inexpensive, it still has all the fantastic features embedded in it. Come check this out!


Maurice Lacroix has been in the industry as a Swiss manufacturing company ever since 1975. Yes, that is a long time to perfect their art, and that’s what they did. They already found the loopholes in making a perfect timepiece for all their customers, and the best part about this is that they have been so generous with the pricing.

These are the top three contenders of Maurice Lacroix when it comes to watches. But if you want more options or ideas, then you could visit There, you’ll find tons of other exceptional and elegant Maurice Lacroix timepieces out there. This means you still have oceans of designs to look for and rest assured that you will find a piece that would captivate you.

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