Technology has allowed us to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Thanks to our smartphones and tablets, everything is now at our fingertips, and work can be done pretty much anywhere, even while you’re in bed.

However, having a mobile screen gadget with internet access all the time has also robbed a few hours of sleep in the form of one more episode, one more email, news updates, and randomly jumping back and forth through social media platforms.

But even with the negative claims about the effects of technology on sleep, there are still a lot of ways technology can help us sleep better when used properly.


How to take advantage of technology to sleep better

Here are some of the ways technology can help us sleep better:

1. Play white noise.

If you are living near a busy street, the noise at night may interrupt your sleep. You won’t have control over this noise, but you can play some white noise to minimize its effect on you. There’s a lot of white noise choices to choose from. You can loop soothing instrumental music to put you to sleep. Also, if you find the ocean waves sound relaxing, you can choose to play that.

The rain sound is another popular choice that drowns the street noise outside. Some people find the sound of spinning washer relaxing.

2. Control the lights remotely. 

If you are already lying in bed, getting up to turn off the lights might awaken you! Remote control would be nice to have at your bedside to turn off lights, speakers, or any home electronics that you have.

Fortunately, many home electronics are now becoming smart and integrated with Bluetooth features. This allows you to control things through your phone remotely with ease. With this feature, you don’t have to get up to turn off your lights.

If you already have a smart speaker with you, you can configure your electronics and integrate it with your smart speaker. This way, you can voice command your appliances at home without getting out of bed.

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3. Track and monitor your sleep.

Smartwatches are very popular now and for a good reason. It’s like having your secretary that can remind you about daily stuff. But aside from being a good secretary, wearables are good at coaching too.

Wearables can help you with your exercise and sleep goals. Smartwatches integrated into your phone can help you track and monitor your sleep behavior. With in-depth insight into your sleep, you can adjust your habits to get better sleep.

Also, some smartwatches have smart wake up function. This feature wakes you up at the optimal stage of sleep near your set alarm time. With this feature, you are likely to wake up without feeling groggy.

4. Diffuse some scents.

Lavender is a popular essential oil that promotes rest and relaxation. Before going to bed, you can diffuse essential oil to set the mood for sleep. With many options to choose from, you can find or create the perfect blend that you find soothing.

5. Use hybrid beds.

Thanks to technology, you can now find a bed that combines the features of two types of mattresses, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Using these mattresses, people can now enjoy the right comfort level and support that their body needs to maintain proper spine alignment.

Hybrid beds are the best mattresses for heavy people as these are sturdy enough to support a heavy person’s bodyweight and promote proper sleeping posture so they can sleep comfortably.


When misused, technology will rob us of sleep.  Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways on how to take advantage of technology to get the quantity and quality of sleep that you need. With the ways we’ve mentioned, you can certainly use technology to promote better sleep.

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