In the wake of Covid-19, when schools, colleges, and offices were closed, most of us spent our time watching movies, trying different foods, and socializing with friends virtually. Nevertheless, we missed going for movies, dinner dates, family vacations, and weekend getaways.

In our free time, we preferred watching web series, movies, and reality shows. Believe it or not, millions of users download Netflix and Amazon Prime for watching movies in their idle time. In the same period, many illegal and torrent websites also came into the picture, and many movie lovers even used them.

0123putlockers is one such secret website that is blessed with millions of movies and shows. Well, 0123putlockers was secret until we revealed it to our audience. So without further ado, let’s know more about this amazing website and how you can use it in the post Covid-19 period.


A Brief Overview Of 0123putlockers

First and foremost, 0123putlockers isn’t a legal website, and it gets banned frequently. Nevertheless, this website has a wide range of movies, and you cannot use it directly. Yes, 0123putlockers only work when you have a secure connection and proxy server.

The best part is users can watch movies for free without worrying about data loss and privacy issues. In other words, you don’t have to pay a single dollar for watching any movie on this website. In our opinion, before you jump on this website, make sure you use a VPN for hiding your device’s IP address. Sometimes, unfortunate situations are always unpredictable, and you might end up behind bars.

0123putlockers is a torrent website that converts larger files into smaller ones for enhanced speed and stability. Whenever you download any movie from this website, your file will never get corrupted even if you pause or cancel the downloading process. Isn’t it sound fascinating?

Like many other torrent websites, 0123putlockers also support video piracy allowing users to watch movies and shows for free. For downloading movies from this website, you’ll also require uTorrent and BitTorrent.

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Why Are Proxy Servers Required For Using 0123putlockers?

As already mentioned above, proxy servers are mandatory for using 0123putlockers. Are you wondering why proxy services are required for using this website? Check out the reasons below.

  • Using proxy servers ensures that none of the torrent websites can secretly access your device’s data. Your files will be locked, and the device’s identity will be hidden by the proxy server.
  • Proxy servers also improve performance and bandwidth. Plus, these servers also blocked unauthorized access; hence, your device is 100% safe.
  • The surprising part is even if you’re giving allowance to the torrent website to access your device’s file, proxy services will become the barriers. With the help of these proxy servers, you can even block some of the malware websites.
  • Last but not least, proxy servers allow you to regulate your daily data usage. In other words, you can block some websites which are consuming your data in the background. Plus, you can even your desired preferences to your home network.

Step-By-Step Guide For Downloading Movies From 0123putlockers

As already mentioned above, 0123putlockers is 100% unsafe, and you shouldn’t directly download anything from this website. Hiding your IP address is mandatory before you download or buffer the movies online. First, choose a VPN network and turn on the incognito browsing mode.

0123putlockers is a user-friendly website, and you’ll never face hassle while downloading movies on your device. For downloading the movies, follow the below steps:

  • Search 0123putlockers on your browser, and numerous search results will appear on your screen. As this website keeps getting banned frequently, you need to search for the official site of 0123putlockers.
  • Once you find the official website, find the search bar located near the right or left top corner. Type the name of your desired movie and tap the ‘Search’ button.
  • Now, a list of movies will appear on your screen with multiple video and audio quality. All the movies are available in HD format, don’t expect 4K and above video quality.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button, and the movie will automatically get downloaded on your screen. If you just want to buffer the movie online, tap on the ‘Play’ option.

Downloading the entire HD movie will hardly take a couple of minutes, depending on your network speed. Now, you’re all set for enjoying your movie time without spending a single penny.

Final Wrap-Up

Here, you can get started by watching the latest movies for free! Now, you have a clear idea about 0123putlockers and how you can download movies from this website. In our opinion, only use 0123putlockers unless and until you are unable to spend money on watching movies. If you have any questions about 0123putlockers, drop them in the comment section.

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