The Very Best Phones of 2019 – Galaxy, iPhone, OnePlus, P30, Pixel

Now, in this article, I want to break down the best phone for several different categories, including the best overall camera for photos or for articles.
The best high function budget phone. So if you’re trying to spend from like 300 to $ 500. But you want a phone similar to a flagship phone, maybe what’s the best phone you can buy there, then category three is the best most powerful and overall productive phone, which basically is going to be anybody who is working in a you know, professional environment. So a business or if you’re, starting a business or you’re presenting things a lot or maybe, if you’re, just looking for a powerful phone for gaming.

The Very Best Phones of 2019

The Very Best Phones of 2019

What’S the best option you have category 4 is the most innovative and progressive phone. We saw a lot of this this year, but which ones actually the biggest stride in the right direction. The next category is the best overall all-around phone. Somebody just gives you infinite money and says find me a great phone. I just want to make my life better. I don’t care, you know how much you spend on this.

What is the best option? You have there and then, lastly, the best value flagship phone. Now that essentially means you’re looking for the full high end processor high-end cameras, but you want to spend a little bit less money. What options do you have so category? One is the best overall camera on a phone, and for me I’m going to say this is the pixel, 4 and I’ll explain why now, first, starting with a limitation, this doesn’t have an ultra wide-angle lens, which I know some people really like and so I’ll list.

A runner-up for this category that does have that ultra wide-angle lens, but first focusing on why this is the best photo camera of 2019. I think there’s a couple reasons here. So the first one has a really good white balance, which means your colors look really true. Now, if you take a picture in like any environment, really from my experience after using this phone for an entire month, it finds anything as white has an adaptive white balance there and looks really good in the picture.

So anything, that’s white actually looks really white, which is better than even some of the most expensive DSLRs or a real cat. You know expensive cameras struggle to do that now. This also has a really good high, dynamic range or HDR, which means it takes. You know anywhere from like three to sixteen photos and layers them together to really give you the best photo possible, taking things from really dark spaces, making a little brighter, taking things in really bright spots that are washed out and making them a little darker, so that You have any anywhere, you look, you can see everything in the picture and it’s really well balanced.

So you have really good colors, really good whites, really good, cutting a white balance, they’re, really good brightness balance and of course you also have astrophotography, which makes it really an amazing phone all around for taking pictures and all of this does it automatically. So you don’t have to change many settings, you just take a picture and it pretty much just works now. If you’re looking to change a little bit more settings, maybe like the galaxy series, it has a pro mode, might be a good one for you, but I think the best runner up here so best photo phone first of all is the pixel for, but the best Runner up, in my opinion, is the hallway p30 Pro, which has a really impressive camera and does have that third camera on there, which might be good for you.


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