Now, as phones are getting more expensive, they’re also getting more powerful and they’re starting to look a little bit more like laptops on the inside, so Samsung Dex is becoming more feasible now, and people claim that you can use it to entirely replace your desktop or laptop.



So I did just that and for the past seven days I locked my laptop away in a closet, and I used only my Galaxy S 10 as my daily computer to really get a full deep dive experience of what it was like to use. Samsung decks on a daily basis in this article I’ll be sharing with you. My experience from this past week and I’ll be showing you the features that worked, what didn’t work and everything in between hey guys.
Welcome back to the blog I’m Michael Bryan and, like I said this, article is all about my experience with Samsung decks for the past week, starting off with which phones can do Samsung decks. So I used my Galaxy S. Ten. You can use the note 10 and you can use basically the note or the S series as far back as about the eighth generation, although some of the older ones will need a deck stand and cannot use just the simple things that I used in this article.
So I’ll link that down in the description I’ll show you guys what you need if you have like an s8 for example, or a note 9, or anything like that. So talking about what you need for Samsung decks very easy. I only need a few things and they were all very cheap. I actually already had them already for my laptop, so it’s really easy to setup. The first thing is a dongle that goes from USBC on one end to HDMI.
On the other end, it’s also helpful. If you have USBA on there and I’ll link that down below what I use it’s only like 25 dollars very cheap, then I got a wireless keyboard for about eight to ten dollars and a wireless mouse for about twelve dollars. You don’t need those you can use your phone as a touchpad, but I highly recommend if you’re going to be productive on this, getting the extra mouse and the keyboard they’re, not that expensive and they make a huge difference.
Then the last thing you probably want to get, although again not necessary, is a wireless charging pad. These are maybe about ten dollars in most situations, and this will actually make it last a lot longer, because Dex can drain your battery fairly quickly, depending on which phone you’re using and what you’re actually using your phone for. So when I use my laptop, I consider myself something of a power user.
I have a lot of windows open the same time, I’m always doing split screen. I have spreadsheets with massive budgets. I have you know, articles playing, I’m editing, photos, I’m doing a lot at the same time, on my laptop and so translating that over to decks, I thought was a really good test of the speed and the capabilities of Samsung decks and of my phone, and I Have to say, after using it for an entire week, it definitely kept up with most of what I was doing, with the exception of actually editing articles, and that’s really just a software thing where they don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro.


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