Note 10+ (Problems and Best Features after 2 Weeks of Daily Use)

There were a lot of really positive reviews about the amazing specs on these phones, and there was obviously a lot going on being that this is one of the most powerful flagship phones released every single year and the note 10 is no exception. But now that it’s been 2 weeks, it’s time to put the spec sheets aside and actually look at how this phone performs under daily use.
So after using this phone for two weeks, I found a lot of things that weren’t mentioned in the original reviews, and I want to share them with you in this article. So in this article, like I said, I’m going to share with you all the different features that I found that other people did not mention that are either really annoying or really positive about this phone. That could sway your opinion either way on to whether or not this is the phone for you, hey guys.

Note 10+ Reviews

Note 10+ Reviews

Welcome back to the blog I’m Michael Bryan and, like I said this, article is a two weeks later review of the Galaxy Note. 10.1. Is the battery the processor? Maybe they test out a couple things with a camera, but actually using it every single day for two weeks this article is going to be more of these subtle things. So I’m going to assume you already know. You know how big the batteries and stuff like that, and I’m just going to talk about purely the experience of using this phone on a day to day basis, so starting off with the general form of this phone.
It’S obviously huge, you know, 10 plus, is just massive as far as phones go, but that’s kind of expected. If you’re buying a note, they’ve always been the largest phone basically, and so one thing that I kind of noticed was a little bit annoying with this is because it’s a glass sandwich so very, very smooth glass around edges everywhere, and it’s a very large phone you’re Going to be dropping this phone, especially if you have smaller hands and if you don’t have a grippy case on here, it’s very likely that you’ll drop this almost every time.
You pick it up if you’re laying down texting, it’s going to fall on your face, and this is a big phone. It might hurt a little bit more than maybe your Nokia flip phone. Obviously so there’s you know you might drop this phone, that’s one drawback! Now! Another one that actually is a little bit more subtle and I didn’t notice it until actually just yesterday, and that is actually the fact that they move the camera bump over, creates a different, smaller issue.
So I typically lay this phone down when I’m writing on it. I don’t hold it and write, I lay it on a table and because the camera bump is no longer all the way across like it was on the s10. Now it’s this little vertical thing in the corner. What you actually did is you create two different points that are going to touch the table, so you have right there on the camera. Then you have a point down in the corner: that’s going to touch the table and then one of the other two corners is going to touch the table.
So it kind of rocks back and forth, and it’s a little bit wobbly when you’re typing. That’S not something that is a huge game-changer, though, because you can really. You know if you put a case on this phone, which you probably kind of have to anyway, then that totally resolves that problem now, of course that brings the other issue of. If you have a big case – and it’s really grippy, this phone might be really hard to fit in your pockets.


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