iPad Pro 12.9 – iPadOS | STILL Not a Laptop Replacement!

So ever since iPad OS came out, you guys kept asking for a follow-up to my an issue iPad pro article, and I was just waiting until iPad OS was stable enough and now that it is, I think it’s appropriate to talk about why I still feel the Way, I do alright, so real quick. I just want to preface this by saying that this is a personal perspective of mind by anybody who produces and creates things will be which it relates in this article.

iPad Pro 12.9 - iPadOS

iPad Pro 12.9 review

So with that said, the iPad pro is productive, but it’s just not efficient. So just like everyone else, I tried using my iPad pro with iPad OS as my main computer, no macbook whatsoever, and I pretty much came to the conclusion that the iPad pro needs to stay in its place. If this were a laptop replacement, I should just be able to unplug my MacBook from where it’s at put my iPad in its place and still be able to do the same things and that’s nowhere near possible, and I think, instead of a laptop replacement.

This is more of a desktop companion. The good news is, with iPad OS Apple, pretty much addressed the word forward. All of the complaints that I had, let’s flashback to the conclusion of that initial article. I believe the iPad needs its own custom software, a flexible software that allows for the connection of peripherals such as wireless Mouse’s or graphics tablets. That will take your productivity to the next level.

Now, if Apple were to do that – and let’s say they don’t win. Thunderbolt 3 into their next future. Ipads, then I’ll, take the iPad a little more serious. So there was two things that complained about in that article number one was the Apple pencil was limited use on the screen and how I constantly kept having to switch back and forth between my finger and the pen suits, who navigate the iPad. And the second thing was because of how much I loved typing on the iPad.

They reminded me so much of a laptop that I kept reaching for a mouse which at the time was impossible to use, and thankfully now what iPad OS is support for wireless mouse? Is it kind of solves both of those issues? Sort of it’s not exactly the full desktop Mouse experience, but I’ll give credit where credits do and the support for wireless mouse is is a huge step in the right direction. So the way Apple has it set up.

Is you connect to your Bluetooth wireless mouse as an assistive touch device? So you just need to make sure that assistive touch is on in the settings and then proceed to connecting your bluetooth mouse, as you normally would with any other device, and setting up my MX master 3 was a breeze now. A few good things about this is that when it’s connected, you can see the battery percentage remaining on your wireless mouse from Apple’s battery widget.

I’Ve always loved that widget. For that reason, and anyone who’s used, a Logitech master mouse knows exactly how productive they can be, and some of those same benefits carry over when connected with iPad OS. It supports scrolling through webpages, your left, click selects items and the right click brings up. The assistive touch menu, you have your typical control over the tracking speed and the pointer size and style, and you even have the ability to assign custom actions and take advantage of those extra buttons on the mouse.


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