NEW NOTE 10 PLUS by Samsung (Galaxy Note 10 + Review)

1 the cons and I’m really going to dive in and make this as complete and comprehensive as possible. The goal of this article guys, I really want to show you everything possible about this phone, what it feels like to use it, how big it is what it looks like I want to show you guys more about the electrical components and the software and really just Make this a complete review of the phone so that you can make a better decision when you’re figuring out whether or not you want to buy this phone or not? So with that being said, there is a lot to cover in this article.

Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10 + Review

This is the first time Samsung released two notes in the same year, so the note 10 plus is the one that I chose for this article, especially because the Galaxy Note is essentially the flagship of flagships. That is the tightest phone that Samsung really offers every single year, and so, if there’s two different models coming out, you might as well get the loaded one between the two, even though it’s larger and more expensive, I thought it was worth it for me.
Let me know at any point in this article if you decide that you, like the regular Note 10 better comment down below, I want to hear it from you guys and figure out. You know what do people actually like better than no ten or the note 10 plus. So let’s get into the article so starting off with what comes in the box. There’S really only a couple things that you would expect come in the box and you’ll see that it comes to the standard Samsung box.
On the lid side. You have just some papers there. I think that’s the in the manual some instructions, then the next thing you have is you: have your charging block and charging cable you’ll notice that, unlike the s10, this is actually a dual ended: USBC, cable, so you’re going to be plugging into USB c-block like this. So if you don’t already have blocks like this, you might want to go on, buy a couple more or just use this one and try not to lose it.
Hopefully, speaking of that, another thing that it comes with is actually some earbuds and I’ll talk about. Why they’re special in a second as soon as we start looking at the phone itself so now for a mechanical tour of this device? Now the first thing that you cannot miss the biggest feature, quite literally, is the screen on this phone, and so the note 10 plus right here has in 6.8 inch screen going from corner to corner.
This screen is a cinematic infinity, Oh display with dynamic AMOLED, and it has 498 people per inch, which is 30, 40 byte 1440. So a really high-quality display with really vivid colors I’ll test that later on in the article and give you guys a really good example of how good this screen really is. So then, after that the first thing, the next thing you’ll notice, actually is on the top. You have the camera right in the middle, so, unlike the s10, which had the camera over on the side, they moved it to the middle now and they made it slightly smaller.
So if we compare this side by side with the s10 you’ll see that it definitely is a little bit smaller, it’s not a huge difference, but it is nice that they shrunk it down a little bit for this model now, so another thing on the screen is Actually, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is under the screen, it’s moved up a little bit in comparison to the s10, but you should just be able to tap your phone like that and it signs in very very quickly so associated with the fingerprint sensor, I would say, Is the security of this phone so you’ll see all over the box that says Samsung secured by Knox? You also have Samsung pass on here, so you can use the fingerprint sensor to sign into things, so you don’t have to type your password all the time.


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