Axis Bank is known as iConnect Internet Banking. When you open Axis Bank’s Current or Saving Accounts, it gives their customers an Internet Banking alternative. Axis Bank does not need separate registration or application for Internet Banking purposes.

Axis Bank gives you a paper, which contains Customer ID, after authorizing Net Banking. Online banking services allow quick access to your bank account, so you can easily make purchases so keep informed. The banks trigger Internet Banking services when opening the account in the private banking sector.

If you have missed activating the services, you can start it anytime. To trigger online banking services you don’t need to visit the bank once again. Using the Internet Banking facility, you can conduct all of the required activities. If you have an active Axis Bank bank account then you have the luxury of enjoying net banking. But, to enjoy the benefits, you will first need to register to use it for the Internet Banking service and it is a simple procedure.

  • Customer ID
  • Account Number
  • Active Debit card

How to Register and Login Axis Bank Net Banking?

Axis Bank Net Banking

  • Visit Axis Bank’s official website for Internet Banking https:/ Tap on ‘User for First Time? Register’s button that appears at the bottom of the site’s login tab.
  • You will be led to the Axis Bank Online password generation page where you will need to enter the Login ID. The Login ID is the Customer ID that you can access by sending SMS or via Passbook.
  • In the given boxes enter the account number and mobile number registered. Click on the button to continue.
  • In the new page enter debit card info, i.e. Debit Card No, ATM PIN, and Date of Expiry. Tick the Terms and Conditions label to agree, and press the Proceed button.
  • A new Web browser tab must appear. Enter and re-enter a New Login Password to confirm. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which must be entered in the box given.
  • Click the Login Page connection and enter the login ID and reset password created during the process, and click Login.
  • You must enter the Net secure code you received on your mobile phone. To fully trigger Axis net banking press the Confirm button. You can now access your account online with ease without any worries.

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Axis Bank Net Banking Reset Password

If consumers forget their net banking password, password reset comes into play. Virtual Axis Bank NetBanking service helps customers to reset the password. This facility helps the customer to quickly access his / her account in case they have forgotten their Net Banking password.

  • Next, visit the official bank website of Axis Bank:
  • Now click on the button to login.
  • You need to enter your Customer ID on Next Screen, and press Submit.
  • Now enter your user information such as bank account number and mobile number and press Continue.
  • Enter OTP, and press Start.
  • Now enter the Banking User ID, Password and Repeat Password from Axis Bank Net, and press Continue.
  • A menu should pop up. Now press Login Now for Axis Bank Net Banking services, you have successfully changed the password.

Moroever Via net banking we can do a lot of things like checking the bank balance, recent details on transactions, transferring money to another account and even changing the ATM lock. Each of the banks have online banking service as well. Citizens gradually stopped going to banks and began making all of the online transactions themselves.

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