AirPods Pro Review | Everything You Need To Know!

What’S up guys, GQ back with decoration, where I use technology for recreation, so one of the most difficult things about reviewing Apple devices is trying to remain as objective as possible, despite all of the hype surrounding their new products. Now, before I get into the article, the air pods Pro is going to run you a whopping 250 bucks at the time of this article.

So let’s see if the sound quality and all of the additional features can justify that price tag. So I’ve already experienced some of the best truly wireless earbuds. Already I’m talking about Sony, Sennheiser, the Galaxy buds. The power beats Pro the Java le actives and the original air pods, and, despite how great all the other ones sound, simply for how small comfortable and how great the Galaxy bones sound.

Those are three things that were extremely important to me. So now, with the air pods Pro, we get customizable fit ipx4, sweat and water-resistant rating active, noise-cancelling and transparent mode. So, as usual, taking a look around the case, it is a bit taller and wider this time around and the thickness is actually the same as the original. So it doesn’t really affect how much my jeans read. Pocket is pushed out and as far as the material and build wise, the case is pretty much identical to the air pods.

AirPods Pro Review

AirPods Pro Review

It just gained a few ounces. So since it’s the same, that means we still get the lightning port, hopefully next time around, we’ll get USBC really no big deal, though, since we still get the convenience of wireless charging, which, in my opinion, I think, is still Apple’s best adaptation to the air pods. So opening the case, the pairing process is identical. There’S nothing really new. There now immediately you’ll notice, the much larger sensors on both earbuds and they are a bit slick to the touch.

I find that, instead of like trying to pinch and take them out just kind of use the case for leverage and just like pivot them out, I find that it comes out much easier that way. Anyways once you take them out, you’ll notice, just how much smaller they are and for lack of a better term. I mean they look kind of cute. It’S just a shrunken down form factor of the original air pods. So we know when we get Tuscon shows, but instead physical buttons, this time these ridges that are on the stems, you can now click them to play, pause your media and to use the other features as well, which is a huge benefit to me and is something That I’ve always advocated for whenever I reviewed all of the other ear buds.

So what made the original air pods so uncomfortable was the hard plastic and one-size-fits-all approach. It just didn’t really work my ear canal and actually caused me more pain than anything, and thankfully it seems as if Apple has been listening to their customers. A lot lately which I like. So we now get three pairs of silicone tips right out the box, which naturally offer passive noise isolation, which is effective within itself before I get into the sound quality.

One thing I want to talk about is just how clean the design of this ear tip attachment is, and surprisingly, keeps the ear tips very secure in place. These things really aren’t going anywhere. I like that Allah gives it an overall a much more cleaner look. Staying very true to apples branding now. My only issue, as you guys might have already expected, is that these white tips collect a lot of debris, especially from like rubbing against your shirt and some other fabrics, and if you already own air pods, let’s face it.


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